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This SHOULD be a good thing... and it IS, but it's causing fiddling problems!

Posted by fiddlepogo on Saturday, September 19, 2015

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My left ear has been mostly closed for a LONG time, at least since the beginning of allergy season last spring.

The right ear was closed too, but would open up for relatively brief periods when a burp would force air up the eustachian tube just the right way!

But then, that stopped working, and the right ear was down even farther in volume than the left ear, which was not good.

This was really difficult on my wife, because her voice has gotten very weak, and so I could rarely hear her clearly.

For fiddling it was too bad, as long as I was using Booker, my louder fiddle.

Then, the weather changed for the colder, and I finally had to put the new Tonicas on.  They seemed to be doing okay, but then, I got a prescription for a new inhaler, and when I use an inhaler, after I've held it in the lungs for a bit to do it's work there, I exhale through my nose in the hope that it will open up the eustachian tubes.

And with this new inhaler, it worked REALLY WELL and REALLY FAST on the right ear, and suddenly I had full hearing in the right ear!

Only now the Tonicas don't sound all that good on Booker.

AND Booker sounds WAY too loud.

Well, I remembered that I blogged about the new Tonicas on Booker, and I checked, found the post, and it turns out that I mentioned that the new Tonicas sounded nasal on Booker when at standard, but fine when tuned down a half step to GbDbAbEb.  So I'll probably do that for a while- eventually I tuned them up to standard and they sounded fine.

And I guess I have to dig out my earplugs to find one to put in the right ear.

Last time I blogged about a string change, I thought to myself, "C'mon, isn't blogging about a STRING CHANGE excessive? Nobody else blogs about string changes!"

But I guess I'll keep doing it- it provided me useful info so I didn't have to blunder around experimenting this time.


Another incident some of you might find humorous.

My sisters that live a couple of hours away came up for my visit.  The younger of the two is a classical trumpet player.  I like to share music insights with her but.... she doesn't always appreciate them.

I had drumsticks and a practice pad near the computer, so I showed her my paradiddle patterns and pointed out how they were so similar to bowing patterns that the bowing patterns helped me figure out the paradiddles.

As I put the sticks down, I said "I guess I tend to "geek out" on almost anything I get into!"

And with a raised eyebrow, she shot back- "Almost?"

So I said, okay, yeah EVERYTHING!

And she nodded with a look as if to say: "THAT's more like it!"

She may be a musician, and an intelligent woman, but she is definitely NOT a geek!!!  She maxes out at about 10 minutes solid conversation.  I have one other sister not in the area, and she also maxxes out at about 10 minutes.

Oddly enough, my OTHER sister present that day DOES have strong geeky tendencies.  She's way more of an artist than a musician, though.

When I got down to where they live more often, sometimes she and I would lock onto a topic, and we'd discuss it for THREE HOURS in the middle of a family get-together!  And she'd usually wear me out on the topic before I'd wear her out on it! 

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