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Where Pogo is "at" lately...

Posted by fiddlepogo on Monday, April 27, 2015

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It's spring!   Actually it's been springy weather since about February, with only a couple of short cold snaps... and not frosty cold.   So pollen has been out for a long time, and I've been having a ROUGH spring.  Recently we've been getting warm and windy days that make it even worse.

So I've been "under the weather".   Mind is not REAL clear... with or without antihistamines, but a LITTLE clearer with them.

This may account for me posting LESS.... I can still WRITE, but editing is even HARDER than usual.  So I know my posts are going to be more rambley and round about than usual (and that's pretty extreme already!!!), since I'm not up to editing.  So I don't bother.... much.

Worse, my eustachian tubes have been plugging up, leaving me temporarily with 50% or less of my hearing.  The only upside is that if I can find the energy, it's like fiddling with earplugs in, it still works!

And, the fiddle (Mostly Booker, the brighter, clearer one) is sounding great.... or maybe it's just that I can't HEAR it very well.

So when I do get around to fiddling, I've been having a good time with it, but I have less energy due to the allergies.

I'm more likely to take a nap instead!

Stinky is on loan.  A friend of my wife has decided she wants to give the fiddle a try.  She definitely has the potential... but it's not clear whether she has the time... we will see.

Carthy has had some good moments, but still doesn't get played as much.  Most of the time, I'm not as happy with the E.  Maybe I need to switch the E back to something besides the Prim Lisa.   Maybe a brighter clearer E would be better on Carthy.

I've been going through a shift with the banjo.... I like gigging with it less, because I have fewer well known banjo songs, and I'm getting tired of them.  But I've been playing the banjo at home more- it's been sounding good, and I don't need to go into the bedroom with a closed door to do it.

Drumming is kind of in maintenance mode.... or maybe exercise machine mode!   I try to drum every day, but sometimes only for 10 minutes.

I'm beginning to get kind of disgusted with the computer.   Since I can't go out when it's windy, I'm not walking as much, I'm feeling cooped up, and I'm on the computer a lot by default.... and I'm actually getting sick of it!

1 comment on “Where Pogo is "at" lately...”

Humbled by this instrument Says:
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 @4:42:45 AM

What's editing? And do Eustachian tubes sound like Uilleann pipes at all? And play more modal tunes. Whyfore? They've been shown to reduce allergy flare-ups by twenty-three percent. Howso? The modal notes seem to vibrate up through and into the cranium and soothe the trigeminal nerve causing the various surroundant vessels to relax and chill. You're welcome.

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