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How determined are you to learn the Fiddle?

Posted by EricBluegrassFiddle on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How determined are you to learn the fiddle? I have good days and bad days and sometimes, it seems like I take a few steps forward in progress, only to have to back track a little. Has this ever happened to you?

With this instrument, you gotta love it and want it. Do you love it and want it? I usually can't wait to get home and get my fiddle out and start practicing, even though, it sure is hard!  I hope one day I'll be able to play with a group and look back and remember all the hard times and patience that was required to get me to that place where I'm playing good traditional Bluegrass fiddle and people are enjoying it.

I look forward to that day when maybe I can look out as I'm playing the fiddle and see feet tapping and people getting up and cutting a row. If people like it and they were touched and it sounded good and they had a good time, then I'd say I made it. I've made some progress recently, but also being reminded at just how hard it is and just how much further I still have to go before I reach that goal in the distance.

I look forward to those you?

I'm somewhere fiddling in the future and I sound a whole lot better than I do right now!

4 comments on “How determined are you to learn the Fiddle?”

Rene Says:
Thursday, November 20, 2014 @7:21:58 PM

"Better than I was, but not as good as I'm gonna be"

I have struggled and worked so darn hard for years to be mediocre while watching you whippersnappers pick it up and in two months time play circles around me, it really is discouraging. For whatever reason (probably because I am female and stubborn by nature) I have plugged along and finally can play somewhere and people don't leave. Sometimes we want to play fast and throw in a bazillion extra notes and all the crowd wants is the simple melody. Tonight we played a nursing home and one little ole lady wanted to sing amazing grace, I knelt beside her and helped her sing..."that was when I knew every minute spent practicing was worth it". You keep sawing along Eric and you to will be there much sooner then you think.

EricBluegrassFiddle Says:
Friday, November 21, 2014 @4:08:07 AM

Rene - thanks for the encouragement....I played bluegrass in nursing homes in the past. One time at one little nursing home concert, they wheeled out a very old gentlemen. He was 90 some years old there with his wife. He was from the Blue Ridge Mtns of Virginia. He asked if we could "Ohh I love those hills of Ole Virginia, those Blue Ridge hills where I roamed" ( Blue Ridge Cabin Home ) well we did it for him and he loved it, although he could barely move. Well, less than a month later or so, we came back, invited and that older man has passed away I guess in his sleep with his wife at his side that week aftyer we left. I believe God had us bless that older genetlemen because he wouldnt be long of this world and was being called home and he missed his Virginia home. we also played some gospel numbers as well. You never know when God is going to "Show up, show off, and take ALL the credit"!

Rene Says:
Friday, November 21, 2014 @5:47:47 AM

God is going to "Show up, show off, and take ALL the credit"! Well said

EricBluegrassFiddle Says:
Friday, November 21, 2014 @8:56:21 AM

No other better way to say it!

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