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2 Visits to the Dentist, and 2 Visits by Two Sisters.

Posted by fiddlepogo on Sunday, August 10, 2014

During the last two weeks, I've gotten two bad molars removed.  The first was on July 28th. It was a root canal gone bad, lost the crown long ago, and loaded with nasty bacteria.  It came out easily, and the left side of my head felt better immediately, and there was very little sense of shock or trauma cause by the extraction.

On Thursday the 7th of this month (August) I got the worst one on the right side removed.  It had been giving me a lot of grief before the appointment, so I was eager to get it out, but it was MUCH more firmly rooted.  So it came out HARD, with a lot of prying and  pulling, and I was feeling pretty poorly afterwards.  Yesterday and today, I'm starting to feel better, and starting to enjoy the benefits of having my worst two toxic teeth removed.  There may be at least two more that need to go though. But yesterday, I was enjoying flashes of clarity and a lightness in my brain that hadn't been there for a long time... made me feel younger, and that's a GOOD THING when you're 62!!!  Hopefully that will help me feel up to practicing the fiddle more.  I think it also may give me more clarity of mind which I need for my fiddling "dabbling" projects like Scandinavian, and Irish, and Swing tunes!


I've never been good at housekeeping and organizing things in the best of health, and I feel so crummy during allergy season that it makes it much harder.  Allergy season is over, but this year the brain fog cause by allergies has been replaced by brain fog caused by the bad teeth.  My wife used to be a housecleaner herself, but is so sick that she can do very little.  Another complication is that I have so many musical projects going.  Electric guitar was clutter intensive enough, with multiple amps, guitars, and a pedalboard, but the drum interest has been REALLY clutter intensive, because I discovered "Found Percussion"- repurposing various things, often household items for percussion!  And there are carts I need for hauling gear for gigs.

I have two sisters that live a little more than an hour and a half away.  An iffy old car has meant that I haven't gotten up to see them in a long time, but they finally got free enough to come down together two weeks ago Saturday, and the big project was helping with housecleaning.  Both of them have done housecleaning as a job, so they know how to get down to it, and get 'er DONE.

They made such a major improvement the first time, I thought they would have a hard time finding stuff to do yesterday when they came for the second time, but I was wrong.  One sister helped me clear out my old car so it can be towed.  She's a lot like me in a lot of ways, so she's really good at helping me sort through stuff.  She understands that something that might look like junk may in fact be raw material for a creative project!!!  So she ASKS a lot more than most people would before she tosses stuff. I didn't just watch them work, I did quite a bit myself.   My problem at working alone with this kind of stuff, is that unless I have a procedure set up beforehand, I get bogged down in THINKING how to do it, and it's hard to get back into DOING mode.  With the sisters there, I stay in DOING mode MUCH better!

A major problem is recycling:  Because of the way my wife and I eat, and I shop, our household puts out a lot more recycling than garbage, but due to my being organizationally and logistically challenged, I have a hard time coping with it all.  And it doesn't help that the recycling bin closest to our apartment isn't big enough, and fills up WAY too quickly, even without our contributions.

One of the sisters kindly pointed out that a lot of her elderly customers have a similar problem with recycling!

So, the apartment looks much better.  There's more space, and that's giving me freedom to get better organized. And I'm trying harder to maintain the improved appearance.

However, there was a price to pay:  So much dust was stirred up with pollen and mold in it, that I'm having an allergic reaction today, and the nice clarity of mind I had last night has been replaced by an ALLERGIC brain fog!!!

Oh well!!!

2 comments on “2 Visits to the Dentist, and 2 Visits by Two Sisters.”

ChickenMan Says:
Monday, August 11, 2014 @4:41:55 AM

Sounds like things are looking better for you. Allergy season is still in its full glory here in the Midwest - the ragweed is just about to burst into flower... I dread it. Seems winter is becoming my favorite season..

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, August 11, 2014 @1:38:06 PM

Once it gets really hot here, oh, sometime in June, that tends to dry up the blooms and flowers that put out the pollen. So it gets better for me, then, but slowly, because my immune system is so sensitized by that time, and has to calm down.

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