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Please don't hate me because I'm awful! LOL!

Posted by bj on Friday, August 1, 2008

So I uploaded a couple music files. One you may actually like since it is the one without me playing fiddle!

The other one is me playing fiddle very enthusiastically if very amateurishly. Ah well, someday! And I somehow missed unchecking the box for it NOT to be on the playlist. Oh well.

The good news is the Zoom H2 works a treat, even if I hate that stinking little screen with a full blown passion. Luckily once it's set up you don't have to use the menu again unless you want to change something.

Something else I discovered. This is defintely a nod to Oldtimer, and I think Swing has said the same thing. I've got two bows. One is a pretty decent Tabary Carbon Fiber, and the other is a cheap beginner Glasser Fiberglass. Well, I thought that the Tabary sounded weak and squeaky on this "new" fiddle, ESPECIALLY on the e string. I tried the Glasser and it sounded fine, and actually a bit ballsy, though part of the E string problem is my playing, but it definitely sounded better when played with the Glasser. When I recorded I did the song with the Tabary once, and the Glasser second. Now, hearing it on the speakers I could stand back from the sound, and the difference was even more pronounced. My new old fiddle prefers the cheap crappy bow. Imagine that.

5 comments on “Please don't hate me because I'm awful! LOL!”

bsed Says:
Friday, August 1, 2008 @8:45:44 PM

The bow does apparently make a difference. Big Time! Like I have a fiddle that was made for me 7 yrs ago & I have to use a bow (I discovered) that has more hair on it because this fiddle isn't as loud as my other two. There may be other subterfuges at work here too.

bj Says:
Sunday, August 3, 2008 @3:34:04 PM

Hmm. The cheapie glasser does have more hair. And it is somewhat heavier. The Tabary is ultralight with less hair. This fiddle is not nearly as loud as my Stockdale, so I suspect you're at least partly right, though I'm wondering if weight of the bow plays into it as well on a fiddle that's a bit softer in volume.

fairportfiddler Says:
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 @10:34:31 AM

This is an interesting concept. I have an old German Strad copy and three different bows. One is the fancy snakewood bow with an inlaid frog that came with the fiddle. I also have a Glaser fiberglass bow and a Jon Paul carbon fiber bow. I have only been using the snakewood bow since it came with the fiddle. After I read your findings I tried out the fiberglass and the carbon fiber bows. Of the three the snakewood was the worst ( no wonder some of my notes sounded so bad). When I tried the fiberglass there was a definate improvement but the carbon fiber sounded even better. I hope to be able to post my first music file soon, now that I have a consistent tone to the music. Now if I can get rid of the mistakes! LOL!

bj Says:
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 @10:55:24 AM

I'm glad my blogpost about different bows for different fiddles helped you out, fairportfiddler! I think every one of us who has made this discovery for ourselves is amazed by it. It is really a huge difference for me. And it seems it is for you, too.

fairportfiddler Says:
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 @4:51:02 PM

Now that I think about it I should have tried this out earlier. The Otis Wood fiddle I have for sale in the classifieds ONLY sounds good with the carbon fiber bow. It has a such a full rich tone (even with me playing it) that the snakewood bow and a pernambuco bow I have sounded so scratchy that they actualy caused distortion when I recorded a tune using them on the Otis Wood.

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