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I found the perfect avatar!

Posted by bj on Monday, June 23, 2008

This is artwork from a tavern sign for a place called "The Cat and the Fiddle Tavern", though I did do some photoshop work on it. Got rid of the sheet music on the tabletop since I play by ear, and gave the cat the distinctive white blaze up his left eye. Yes, he does look like Briggsy. And this critter looks like he's up to michief, so he also acts like Briggsy. it sure looks like he wants to use that poor fiddle for a scratching post the minute I turn my back!

I caught Briggsy picking up my (luckily the spare!) bow by the bow hair with his claws the other day. He had his teeth opened and ready to chomp on the bowhair when I managed to grab the dreaded water squirt bottle and chase him away, bow askelter. I guess I'm never going to make him love the fiddle-- it will always be the noisy thing that competes with him for favored position on my left shoulder.

4 comments on “I found the perfect avatar!”

brya31 Says:
Monday, June 23, 2008 @5:43:59 PM

Definately you bj  LOL!!

persian98_98 Says:
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @8:23:19 AM

such a meaningful avatar it is, well done!

thanks dear friend, yes I think I should play everyday, and I will play more soon, just after the exams.

hmmm I don't think I can find those sorts of muters here, and should be content with the one I have now! though my teacher doesn't like muters since he believes (and he is right) that if you get used to your violin's sound that way, you cannot tolerate it without the muter! and that is the case with me! but cuz I don't pay much attention to my poor teacher, and cuz we live in an apartment, I have to use, and the more my teacher disapproved of it, the more I get interested in it!!!!!

bj Says:
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @9:03:32 AM

Using a mute does change the sound, unfortunately. I try to schedule my practices for when my neighbors work (I work at home, so I have that luxury!) as often as I can, and just use the mute when I have to, which isn't that often. I use the clip type clothespins for mutes. Yell by email if you need a couple, I'll send a couple to you!

You can also add sound absorption to your practice space. Buy lots of tapestries and rugs and put them up on all walls, use lined draperies on the windows (more sound absorption) and if you want to go nuts, you can get gauzy stuff to drape from the ceiling. Natural fibers work best. That will keep the sound within the space, and absorb the "excess" so it doesn't amplify by echoing. Basically you're creating an acoustically kinder environment.

persian98_98 Says:
Friday, June 27, 2008 @11:56:22 AM

wow thanks for the ideas. but i really don't think i can do that to my room now! i must be living far from you, so i wont bother you to send me those clothespins!! I think we have some of them here! but they dont look good on the violin so I prefer the mute! thanks anyway. keep on practicing! :-)

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