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Fiddle Maddness

Posted by fiddlefire on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fun fiddlin this week end. Got out and played with Randy Lee Ashcroft and the Saltwater cowboys last night and off to playing with my Duo, Landers and Heinz tonight in Ocean City Md with a little bit of  both fusion on the electric and some rock and blues on the acoustic. That's a whole bunch of fiddle maddness !


7 comments on “Fiddle Maddness”

richdissmore Says:
Saturday, January 14, 2012 @9:22:41 AM

i have a fender deluxe 1V electric i have not played it very much as i,m relerning to play but i like the sound two acoustic fiddles german i beleave one bass fender P bass one stradcaster fender 6 guitars one mandolin i can only play one at a time

fiddlefire Says:
Saturday, January 14, 2012 @10:38:23 AM

Oh yes, I can vouch for that! I had a fender electric violin that I bought used and after working with it for some time, I sold it as fast as I could. I think that fender needs to stick to making guitars. On a good note, I got more for it than I paid for it! I was always loooking for a good back up for one of my solid body electric violins some years ago and also something lighter in weight because the solid body gets a bit heavy at times although a not bad sounding instrument is why I wanted to try the fender. I then later on down the road finally treated myself to a Zeta Stratos and it weighs as much about as an accoustic. But then since I have installed a L.R. Baggs bridge with the built in pichk up on both my accoustics, (2 Old German violins Circa 1921 and 1947) and they work very well! Most of my gigs i will have both the zeta and old german on hand going through an ab foot switch and a multi effects pedal to achieve both truditional sound and fusion electric for classic rock and comes what may sound. Its all been a fun ride and lots of sound. Also to mention for blue grass events, granny from 1921 is played mic'ed up and so is the dobro. I have most of it covered but always looking for more cool techniques.

fiddlefire Says:
Saturday, January 14, 2012 @10:42:44 AM

Oh-P.s. and a PeeVee dyna bass! Didnt mean to write a book on ya! LOL..

richdissmore Says:
Sunday, January 15, 2012 @12:50:56 PM

i use to be in a group call the misfits then we found out there were other groups called the misfits my last group i played lead in the still crazy band names of groups change from time to time i was in the souther sound group for 6 years then we changed the name now i play in a irish group called the wild thyme band i play my guitar not very will but they let me play with them on my acoustic now days its just for fun the country grass band made one Lp record they don,t play out any more there retired

fiddlefire Says:
Sunday, January 15, 2012 @5:23:52 PM

Our Country Grass band is still going strong. Our founding member, Bill Volmer is 70 years old and feeling pain but is an outstanding mandolin player and vocalist. We are still working it. Im almost the baby of the group at 54. Knee replacement and all. We just want to play until we can play no more. I think as we all get older, we all enjoy music to our fullest. Weather to play as to listen, we are it is all beautiful and reated to our musical souls. My fiddle will be with me until im gone. I want to make people smile as long as I can. We keep making music Rich.

richdissmore Says:
Monday, January 16, 2012 @4:05:39 PM

A men to that i,m going to jam with Bob hes 80 years old wants to play country i can help him and will i like country the old stuff thats what i like to play. in 04 i all most cashed in haveing my stroke so many don,t make it i do enjoy playing up to a year ago i couldn,t play my guitar. at the VA they have a program called guitars for Vets this has helped me big time i don,t play as well as i use to but i can play some and i,m building on that playing my fiddle i have to grab the bow with my hole hand or it will fall out of my hand. its what i have to work with some time idd like to send you a CD i had made from a old cassect tape see what you think of my singing and picking its old rock &country

fiddlefire Says:
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 @4:19:02 PM

Hey Rich, thats a very touching story. I just read it to my wife and we are both touched by that. I would love to have you send me one of your recordings. I have a cd in the works with my trio and hopefully it will be done some time this spring. When it does, I will send you a copy. We will keep in touch. We have a song that we are trying to promote and hopefully the board of tourism will pick it up called, its a shore thing by Tim Landers on you tube. In 2 months it has received over 17.000 hits and maybe more by now. I play the electric violin on it and back up vocals. It may sound a little corny to some but it was designed to be the theme song of Ocean City Maryland. Its cool and we are having fun with it. Its not a top fourty song, just an advertisement. It will be on the new cd. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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