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Finicky Feline Finds Fiddling Foul, Flees in Funny Fashion!!!

Posted by fiddlepogo on Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Eastman VL100 has been sounding good lately.  Last night I had a good practice session with it, mostly on Eastern European stuff... the mystery European strings on it really give it a voice that's good for Hungarian Dance #5 (my by-ear version filtered through an Allen Sherman parody!) Havah Nagilah (learned it in high school chorus in 1970) and minor Beatles tunes and other similar late 60's, early 70's stuff.  (I had done Old Time and waltzes on Booker earlier in the day at a senior gig)

Anyway, to back up a little, recently we got an insert for the sliding door to the balcony that has a cat door.  The cat learned how to use it right away, and since then, she just lets herself outside when I start fiddling.

The problem is, that the insert doesn't fit perfectly, and the cat door has some gaps at the bottom, so it doesn't seal out cold air.  So I take it out at night when it gets cold and I start feeling drafts.  And even before I do that, if it's dark and getting cool, the cat doesn't WANT to let herself out onto the cool balcony.

Last night I got inspired fairly late, just after 7:00 pm, and the sun was already down.  The cat was NOT enjoying the practice session and not having the balcony alternative, and was running around, very agitated.  I saw her poking around my wife's bedroom door, but thought nothing of it- because my wife doesn't allow the cat in her bedroom.

Anyway, great practice session, but afterwards, we couldn't find the cat!  Not out on the balcony.  I tapped a cat food can with a fork, a sure fire way to get her to show up... but no cat!!!

Finally it occurs to me to look in the cupboard by my wife's bedroom door, because that was around where I last saw her.... and there she was- the cupboard seems to work by gravity, not a latch... so she can let herself in, and push it out when she wants out.

Later that night when I WASN'T playing, I heard noises from over there, and I guess she'd let herself in and out of the cupboard again!

Anyway (I use that word a LOT, don't I?) it's good to know that she has a place to flee when I feel like fiddling!!!

4 comments on “Finicky Feline Finds Fiddling Foul, Flees in Funny Fashion!!!”

richdissmore Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @12:49:48 PM

cats are all rigth but i like dogs better feed your cat some cat nip a the cat wount eaven know your playing it kind of makes them drunk and they get funny acting firend of mine gives his cats a little and they play by them self

fiddlepogo Says:
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @7:57:56 PM

I enjoy other peoples dogs, and I understand how they can be great companions, but I have a hard time with barking, and so does my sick wife, and I don't want to have to walk a dog EVERY day. And the big dogs bark less, but eat more, and the little ones eat less, but bark more!!

Not all cats respond to catnip... I don't think ours does.

richdissmore Says:
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @10:40:07 AM

my wife don,t like cats because they jump and claw things. when i was growing up we had cats we did not feed them any cat food they got what ever us kids didn,t eat some times it would sit three day but they ate it dogs all so.we were not being mean we were poor so they ate what we had to eat. my fiddle playing i,ve been told is getting better

fiddlepogo Says:
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @8:19:23 PM

Yes, they DO jump and claw, but I have taught my cat to stay DOWN. The only time I raise my voice with her is when she jumps up on something she shouldn't, "Peppy, NO!" is what I say, and she gets right down.... and doesn't go up very often cause she knows she's in instant trouble.
With clawing, she likes my electric guitar gig bags, and has started using the cardboard cat-scratchers you can get at WalMart.
Glad to hear your fiddle playing is getting better!!!

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