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Hi there! I'm a Newbee to your Fiddle Forum!

Posted by Choctaw Sarah on Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi, Choctaw Sarah here.  Chose that name because Alison Krauss and Union Station play a gorgeous bluegrass tune called "Choctaw Hayride" ..which I aim to be able to play faultlessly by summer!  I have loads of questions.  But the main one I'd like to ask now is: what is the best and quickest way I can learn to do that gorgeous wailing and hammering Double Stop style that Alison Krauss applies in such tunes as "Choctaw" and "Cluck Old Hen"?  I don't read music but I have always played by ear (guitar, fiddle, whistles) and have a pretty good ear for picking up tunes and individual notes and harmonies.  Short of playing the CD over and over again until I know these tunes in my sleep there another secret to learning chords or tablatures for Double Stops?  For example, is there a written sheet out there that shows you chord for chord where to place yr fingers on the fiddle neck and how to do the bowing for these kinds of songs?  I look forward to meeting everyone and would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer.  I have just invested in a gorgeous new Sam Eastman violin has such wonderful sound and amplification, a 2 yr old could make it sound good ...and it doesn't even have its voice yet because it's so new!

8 comments on “Hi there! I'm a Newbee to your Fiddle Forum!”

barefootfdlr Says:
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @8:06:28 AM

OMG I love their version of "Choctaw Hayride" too! But then I love EVERYTHING that Alison Krauss and Union Station have done. 

I know, I'm biased! hehehe

barefootfdlr Says:
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @8:07:17 AM

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you welcome to the best fiddle forum around for miles! 

My bad

John Gent Says:
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 @9:45:37 AM

Hi Sarah. It's "our" Fiddle Forum. I think you'll like it here, welcome. You should post your question out in the forum, you'll get more hits and answers there.

I also don't read music other than mando tab, but I think there's something to learning tunes by ear - something good. I haven't heard Choctaw Hayride, but I've picked up AK/US version of Cluck Old Hen ... pretty quickly. It ain't 'just like' AK's version, but I wouldn't want that anyway.

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