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Well, the move is DONE!

Posted by fiddlepogo on Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, except for a few minor details.

And as I said, there are some pluses to the move.

1. It IS in another part of town, away from the plumes of pollen from THOUSANDS of walnut and almond trees in orchards.  It SHOULD make springtime easier... however, there IS a grove of eucalyptus just across the fence... we'll see how I do with THAT next spring.

2. More room to leave instruments out to play, to leave recording equipment set up, etc.

3. It's a senior complex, so it's quieter for the dear but invalid wife.  If she's happier, I'm happier.  I was worried about this aspect as far as my music, but so far, the only drawback is that I CAN'T tap my feet when I play, since the apartment below can hear it as thumping. The actual playing so far is only audible in the hallway, not in the adjacent apartments.

4. The new location is closer to several frequent shopping destinations, including Trader Joe's, a Dollar store, K-Mart, 2 drug stores and a good music store all within walking distance. It's also closer to several regular gigs.  Other important locations are no farther than they were before.

5. I didn't work too hard, although it was a LOT of work... I spread it out with some overlap between the two rentals.

I had lots of offers of help, but the main items came in ONE pickup truck load!  The rest was sorting and tossing, and gradually bringing useful items from the old place and from storage.  And that's stuff only I could do.  It's HARD to help a perfectionistic packrat!!!

6. The cat seems to be adapting well enough, although I HAVE lost some sleep from her being over active at about 4:00 am!!!

7. The acoustics in the new place are good.  However, now that the cat is moved in, and she HATES the fiddle, I'm doing a LOT of practicing in the bathroom, which is big enough to accommodate a folding chair and still give me room to bow.  The acoustics are good, though a bit echoey, as you would expect.  Hmmm... what am I going to do with the cat when I record???  Well, I could put her on the balcony... but that's on hold because it's being painted.

8. Other mundane things- better shower, new fridge (the old one needed DEFROSTING believe it or not!!!), almost new electric stove which is safer for the wife.

9. The rent is cheaper, although this may be offset by higher utility bills- we'll see how this one pans out.

10. We are no longer on the "wrong side of the tracks" so I won't have to wait for a train when on the way to a gig, and we are also away from the student section of town, so we don't have to deal with the traffic and general chaos.

Main drawback: The facility allows smokers, although they are trying to change this, they can only do it gradually, and we often get whiffs of smoke through the windows when they are open, or even under the hall door.



8 comments on “Well, the move is DONE!”

john timpany Says:
Friday, September 9, 2011 @2:17:08 AM

Sounds like it's going to be good Michael.
I had the same foot tapping problem when I lived in Chislehurst, and my downstairs neighbour was particularly sensitive, and despite many layers of foam under my foot he still complained.
Now I find sitting on a breakfast bar stool solves the problem, especially when I am recording, since my foot just taps the air.
Good luck my friend.

bj Says:
Friday, September 9, 2011 @5:23:22 AM

It all sounds good, especially the additional space, though playing in the bathroom isn't optimal. You can cut down on the echo by hanging some soft stuff in there for acoustic dampening, ie have a cloth shower curtain outside the plastic one, and maybe some cloth wall hangings. Make sure there are lined drapes or curtains on the window. Maybe some acoustic tiling on the walls or ceiling.

Why don't you try one of those old soda crates put upside down on the floor? You can even put it on a rubberized mat to further acoustically isolate it. That way you'll hear the foot tap but it won't be as likely to pound into your neighbor's ears.

BC Says:
Friday, September 9, 2011 @5:32:58 AM

Sounds like a good move. Best wishes to both you and your wife (and cat!) as you get settled in and accustomed to your new place.

nancymae Says:
Friday, September 9, 2011 @8:20:37 AM

Congrats on the move! My Mother used to live in one of those apartments that let people smoke...she put one of those draft catchers down at the bottom of her door...those long tubular things with a weight in them so they stay put. That really helped with the cigarette smoke. I am very sensitive to the smoke, and I never smelled it in her apartment with that thing on her door.

My only suggestion for the windows is to keep a small fan near the open window to blow out. It's a bummer for Mom died because of cigarettes. If people only knew how horrible it is not to be able to breath...or to watch them not being able to breathe. When my Mom got emphysema and COPD, she quit, but it was not early enough to stop the disease. I sure would rather put up with toe tapping than to fill my lungs with carcinogenic smoke!! And you sure don't want your precious fiddles smelling like smoke! And they me!!

The cat will come around. Mine finds a place as far away from me as possible when I play.

Have fun in your new house!

boxbow Says:
Friday, September 9, 2011 @2:47:27 PM

bj's suggestion is a good one. An alternate would be one of those plastic bread trays they deliver bread and rolls on to the grocery stores. You know the ones? They're probably about 30x30x5 or thereabouts. And in such lovely understated colors, too! Give your downstairs neighbor a Jew's harp and get him to jam with you. No tellin' where that might lead.

mudbug Says:
Saturday, September 10, 2011 @3:55:24 AM

They also make large foam squares thatat interlock, that they use to cover the floors of childrens play areas. They're about a foor square. Soft but firm. Just don't get too comfy in there. Ya don't wanna go out like Elvis.

nancymae Says:
Sunday, September 11, 2011 @7:52:34 AM

Those foam squares are cheap too...I got some for my grandchildren for less than $10 at Walgreens. They covered alot of you can interlock them to make little baskets as well!! (Places to put your music!) Go to Toys R Us...or Wally World (Walmart). They should be starting to stock up stuff to gear up for Xmas already. Good luck!

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, September 12, 2011 @9:18:31 AM

Well, for now I am just restraining my feet! I do have a barstool, and that solution occurred to me, but the DW likes to put books on it!!! I don't think the neighbor downstairs plays anything, but she's a nice lady. There ARE however at least two musicians in the complex, and I do hope to jam with them.

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