Perhaps because I'm entering my mid-60's in a few weeks, I cannot help but feel a kind of urgency about getting my music out to a greater number of musicians and bands. Thus, I've been putting more time & energy into a number of promotional avenues. Please check out the blog (copied below) that I started on my Reverbnation page. I want to give my heart-felt THANKS to everyone who has responded so beautifully to, and has been so encouraging of, my work.

Blog Entry....

Being primarly a composer, and not having a performing band (at least right now), I'm looking for more musicians & bands to discover my music and play it.

I have an inner drive to explore new directions and concepts in music. However, I also want the music to be accessable to audiences. I'm not a fan of using music as a blunt object to beat an audience senseless. Many of my tunes have an underlying spirit of humor and quirkiness (including ones that are more adventurous). Audiences usually pick up on these qualities and respond warmly to the music...even if it is something new for them. For that reason, my work is often described as "Serious music that is fun". Really, I get that a lot!

A selection of my work is available on my composer's page at the American Music Center. Here's a link: .

My AMC page has a short music bio; click on the Compositions tab to see a list of original tunes, extended pieces, and ensemble scores. Many of them have a demo MP3.

All of my music at the American Music Center is intended to be USED. If you find something that you like, please work with it and perform it. Of course, give credit to the composer (all of my music is copyrighted and registered with BMI)....and tell others about it. Hearing from musicians who are performing my music is appreciated.

As you listen to the originals on my Reverbnation playlist, if there are tunes that especially speak to you, please get copies of the sheet music from my AMC page. I often tell musicians who are performing my stuff to think of what I've written on paper as being a point of departure. (The MP3 recordings of my originals are simply tune demos.) Develop your own vision of the music and take it in the direction(s) that inspires you.