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A Novice Fiddler's Tune List

Posted by FiddleFish on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A list of tunes I can play through with varying degrees of recognizability.  I find myself thinking I need to dedicate more time to learning to play these better rather than learning new tunes for a while.  How do you balance these two somewhat competing interests?

non-standard tunings, modulation, and modalities are indicated
A Major
Ash Grove
Ashokan Farewell
Autumn Waltz    
Black Jack Grove    AEAE
Boil the Cabbage Down
Candy Girl    AEAE
Cindy    AEAE
Clayhole Waltz    
Cluck Old hen    
Cripple Creek
Devils Dream    
Genevieve's Waltz
Greasy Coat    AEAE
Hommage a Edmund Parizeau
Irish Polka    AEAE
Jenny Get Around    AEAE
Jenny Lind    AEAE
Jim Shank        AEAE
Liza Jane
Meeting of the Waters    AEAE
My Own House Waltz        AEAE
New Year's a-Coming        AEAE
Old Joe Clark    
Old Resting Chair
Robertson's Reel
Shortnin' Bread    AEAE
Spring's All Muddy and the Pond's All Dry    AEAE
Wildwood Flower
Blue Mountain Waltz    A/E

Modal A
Bonaparte's March    Ador    
Cold Frosty Morning    Ador    
Hannah At the Spring House    Amin    
Old John Tate    Amin    
June Apple    Amix    
Red Haired Boy    Amix

Bb Major
Dad's Waltz
Flowers From Heaven
Harry Brandt's Waltz
Plow Boy Hop

C Major
Billy in the Lowground
Brytva John's Waltz
Candlelight Waltz
East Tennessee Blues
Karlstad Schottische    C/D    
Limburger Cheese
Pick the Wood
Rochester Schottische
Saturday Night Breakdown
Stone's Rag
Thea's Waltz    C/G    

D Major
Angelina Baker
Arkansas Traveler    ADAE
Avalon Quickstep
Barlow Knife
Barn Dance 1
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Cherry Blossom Waltz
Chicken Reel
Chirps and Grain
Courting Days Waltz
Cricket on the Hearth
Decorah Waltz
English Schottische
Erik's Polka
Evening Star Waltz
Faded Love
Fisher's Hornpipe
Five Miles From Town    ADAE
Flop eared Mule  D/A
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine
Green Willis
Harvest Home
Jack Wilson    ADAE
Kinne Kulle Schottische    D/G    
Little Gal’ll Fool Me
Mississippi Sawyer
Norwegian Polka
Oak Ridge Stomp
Over the Waterfall
Peacock Rag
Peek-a-boo Waltz
Pig Ankle Rag
Ragtime Annie
Rocky Road To Jordan
Rose in the Mountain
Round the Horn
Run Down Boot
Saturday Waltz (Lordags Valsen)
Soldiers Joy
St Anne's Reel
Too Young To Marry
Wild Hog in the Woods    ADAD
Wind That Shakes the Barley
Winder Slide   ADAE
Woodchoppers' Reel

Modal D
Sally in the Garden    Dm    

Modal E
Swallowtail Jig    Edor
Crossing To Ireland    Emin
Nobel Franz    Emin
Rights of Man    Emin

F Major
Chop the Eggs
Gust Ellingson's Schottische

G Major
Alfred Blagen's Hoppwaltz
Chased Old Satan     GDGD
Cora Dye
Country Waltz
Cumberland Gap
Darling Nellie Gray
Down Home Rag
Down Yonder
Frenchies Reel
Genette Burgess' Waltz
Girl I left Behind Me
Girl With the Blue Dress On
Golden Slippers
Gypsy Dance
Herb Geving's Waltz
Hog House Rag
Irish Washerwoman
Jennifer's Waltz
Jenny Lind Polka
Melvin Leiran's Schottische
Mr. Fisher's Old German Waltz
Rebels' Raid
Red Wing
Seneca Square Dance
Shoes and Stockings
Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy     GDGD
Turkey in the Straw
Twin Sisters
Twinkle Twinkle (Jenny Baker)
Westby Waltz
Westphalia Waltz

Modal G
Frank Richards Waltz  Gm
Johan Arndt's Polka  Gm/Bb

edited to add keys of F and G

13 comments on “A Novice Fiddler's Tune List”

FiddleJammer Says:
Thursday, March 27, 2008 @12:45:03 AM

"Learning tunes" and "learning your instrument" are 2 different skills. My motto is 'Always learn new tunes'. Always have a few new tunes on the back burner that you're bringing into more frequent play. Your brain can handle both tasks. As your technical skill improves, you'll have that many more tunes in your repertoire. When a certain finger pattern clicks for you, you'll be able to apply that mastery to a number of different tunes that have that certain finger pattern repeated. Congrats on keeping a tune list. That's a step in the right direction towards remembering more and more tunes, imho.