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The end of an era- Pogo pulls the plug on the Old Time jam.

Posted by fiddlepogo on Sunday, April 17, 2011

It was kind of a sad day.

Today I realized I needed to go busking at the Farmer's Market.

But I had the Old Time jam to host this afternoon.

And I didn't have the energy to do both. (That may have something to do with being 58, or it being allergy season, or both)

So I went to the jam, but I wasn't that happy about it.

When I make a committment, I mean business.  The only reason I've cancelled has been a couple of times when I was really too sick with the flu.  But I've been realizing that I've been PLAYING about as much as I can handle, but I need to make more money doing it- the only way to do so is to cut out some freebies.

And, the jam has never really fulfilled my hopes for it.  The people locally that play Old Time are either very involved in work, or very involved in the local Celtic/Irish sessions.... or SOMETHING.  So the jam has kind of been on life support it's whole existence (about 4 years).  Time to do something new.

As some of you may guess, my Irish involvement may also have something to do with it.  That's what's fascinating and challenging my musical mind right now.  The nice thing about that is that the local Irish events are not dependent on ME... so if I have a gig that day and can't show, no big deal.  FREEDOM!!!

I just came from deleting the event on  I posted it there 8-8-2007, and I didn't post it on folkjam right away so it may have been going for up to a year before that, I can't even remember.  (I just checked my blog over on it started in March, 2007!)

7 comments on “The end of an era- Pogo pulls the plug on the Old Time jam.”

mudbug Says:
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @3:38:13 AM

"To everything, there is a season."

OTJunky Says:
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @9:20:29 AM

Well - we've certainly run out of things to argue about around OT fiddling.

It'll be refreshing to have a new set of things to argue about around Irish fiddling.


Humbled by this instrument Says:
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @10:13:19 AM

yeah, mudbug, that's right. I just recently stopped jamming with some folks due to boredom, different taste in songs, etc., only to get a call from a different group about a week ago. Now my son and I are playing with some VERY talented folks. Wow. So I'd say to trust your gut here, Michael, and keep your eyes and ears open. Maybe around the next bend will be a great banjoist who'll say, "Hey, would you fiddle me some 'June Apple?'" And maybe he'll be able to squiggle some jigs, too, for your Irishy impulses?

richdissmore Says:
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @10:54:22 AM

thats real good i love to fiddle all i can geting better if i didn,t like so much music i love country ,irish ,old time swing on and on ithink some one did that song if i hear it and like it i,ll play it must of the time keep fiddlen

fiddlepogo Says:
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @7:26:54 PM

Yup, mudbug,
I was thinking of that quote too!!!

I dunno. The arguments about Irish are already giving me a sense of deja vu all over again.
Same old, same old. Same people, same arguments.

"Squiggle some jigs"-
that has a certain RING to it!!! ;^D

Yup, Rich-
Keep fiddlin'!

Humbled by this instrument Says:
Monday, April 18, 2011 @7:43:27 AM

Move closer, Michael, for I need a kindred spirit with whom to play the "tunes!" They are what I play! I've found a new pattern (for me--everyone else uses it) which I've injected into the tunes and now "Soldier's Joy" and "Bill Cheatem," etc. all have new life. YET NO ONE around here knows these tunes, let alone plays them. Have you perused the Craigslist lately? "Death Metal needs screamer" or "Rapper has beats" or "Classic Rock" or "Folk/Indie group seeks distorted electric guitar..." and so on. So, yeah, move your homestead to Plymouth, perhaps, for there are no allergies allowed (by law):0))

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, April 18, 2011 @7:11:07 PM

LOL!!! Yeah, the Craigslist musicians ads are JUST LIKE that here too.

When you look at what music stores actually SELL, it makes perfect sense... lotta peeps play that kinda stuff.

Plymouth, huh??? I thought that was in Massachusetts... or maybe jolly old England!

Yeah, iffits a higher elevation, my allergies prolly wouldn't be as bad.

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