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Music Trumps Civility And Most Everything Else.

Posted by janepaints on Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There was a thread here: 'Play Or Listen': Wouldya rather play your instrument or listen to a record or performance? It triggered a sidetrack line of thought. something that's been vaguely wandering around the brain circuits for a while.

I dislike it when music is used for 'ambience' in social situations. At parties most hostesses/hosts routinely have a stereo on, 'Setting The Mood'. 'Background Music.' If something good is playing I wanna crank it up and, if conversing, my brain instantly tunes out the conversation and devotes itself to the music. If the music is bad I wanna turn off the stereo and I tune-out of the conversation, with only one thought in mind: "this music stinks--so this party stinks, lemme outta here.'

Same deal in restaurants. The food could be wonderful, then some dreck comes outta the ceiling speakers and that's all she wrote. Or a great song plays and I wish all the other patrons would quit chattering about 'isn't this the most marvelous tuna casserole ever?,' so I can hear the music better.

Being a musician has dimmed many everyday social interactions for me.

Music is my favorite language and I'd rather play music with others than converse via blab blab.

One reason is, IMO, it's impossible to lie, dissemble, small-talk or evade in a true musical dialogue. You can't mask your emotions when 'speaking' in music. It's either 100% interactive & genuine or it's obviously "blah blah blah oh gosh it's getting late, gotta go now, see ya, have a nice day"

Since most people don't play music, I'm often at a loss for words (beyond pleasantries and chit-chat) in everyday social conversation. Seems unreal, fictional, incomprehensible. I can't wait to get out of there and go play some more music. Rosin up the bow. Put the capo on the guittar neck and strum some. Get the blood moving.

Being a musician can make relationships difficult if one's partner isn't a musician.

Wanna go to the movies, honey?
--No I feel like playing the fiddle

Wanna watch TV, honey?
--No I feel like playing the fiddle

Whadya think about that bestselling book, honey?
--Dunno. Didn't read it. Too busy playing the fiddle

Wanna go visit Joe & Brenda, honey?
--No I'd rather fiddle.

We've been invited on a ski trip on the 18th. D'ya wanna go?
--I'm not sure. I might really wanna fiddle on the 18th, and then what? Huh?

I got promoted!
--That's nice. I'm gonna go fiddle now.

I got fired!
--Oh gosh, too bad. I'm gonna go fiddle now.

Hot Soup! Ya want some?
--Sure. Gimme a bowl, I'll take it to the Fiddlng Room.

I wanna break up.
--OK. I'm gonna go fiddle now.

3 comments on “Music Trumps Civility And Most Everything Else.”

FiddlerFaddler Says:
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @8:57:30 PM

It seems to me that your judgment and priorities are correct.  Thus I opine that this world needs more people like you.

janepaints Says:
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @9:17:26 PM

Correct? I don't think so. More like 'addicted to playing music'. But so be it. I am doomed. If everybody was like me, there'd be no fruitfully multiplying. Retail sales would plummet. The economy would wither. Restaurants would be empty. Taverns would be deserted. But all the emptiness would have peppy soundtracks. But enough of this! Gotta go play now.

FiddlerFaddler Says:
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 @11:29:47 PM

> there'd be no fruitfully multiplying.

The members of the Northern Illinois Bluegrass Association seem to be a fecund bunch.

> Retail sales would plummet.

The sales of instruments, music CDs, and sound gear would increase.

> The economy would wither.

It would flourish in different ways.

> Restaurants would be empty.

Restaurants would offer live entertainment and open microphone afternoons and evenings one or more times a week.

> Taverns would be deserted.

Tell that to the fans of Celtic music.

> But all the emptiness would have peppy soundtracks.

Those with a proclivity to cultural impoverishment would be exposed to cultural excellence to such a degree that the cultural weeds would be choked out by the better grasses.  Otherwise bland lives would be enriched and ennobled.

> But enough of this! Gotta go play now.

Sounds good!

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