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My Repertoire

Posted by bsed55 on Friday, February 1, 2008

KEY OF G: Big Sandy, Big Eyed Rabbit, Uncle Pink, Waverly, Black Sally Gooden, Natchez Under Hill, Cora Dye, Raccoon Tail With the Rings All Around, Going To Town, Red Apple Rag (G/C), Jimmy In the Swamp, Louisville Breakdown, Big Footed Darky, Ways of the World, Shoot That Turkey Buzzard, Evening Shade, Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind, Old Plantation, Joe's Tune, Banks of the Ohio, Outhouse Stomp (G/C), Happy One Step, Sugar in My Coffee-o, Airington's, Magnolia One Step, Root Hog Or Die, Sunny Home In Dixie, Amish Town (G/D), Rabbit In the Woodpile, Nail That Catfish to the Tree, Litchfield, Don't Mind the Weather So the Wind Don't Blow, Massa Bill, Marilow's Lesson, Sam Hill, I'd Rather Be an Old Time Christian, Fort Smith, Going Down to Cairo, Sugar Betty Ann, Dixie Hoedown, Coondog, Back to Chatanooga, Nancy Rowland, Miss Brown, Big Scioty, Great Big Yam Potatoes, Cumberland Gap, Greasy String, Kentucky Winder, Jenny Get Around, Flatwoods, Ida Red, Creeping Possum, Southern (Colored) Aristocracy, Lost Boy, Orvetta Waltz, Tufted Titmouse, Lost Girl, Jeff City. KEY OF A: Chased Old Satan, Hey Aunt Kate There's a Bug On Me, Ol' Bob, Roan Mtn. Sally Ann, Miss McCleod's Reel, Cumberland Gap, Buffalo Gals, President Lincoln's Hornpipe, Late for the Dance, Bell Cow, Wolves A-Howling, Pretty Little Gals, John Brown's Dream, Sweet Sunny South, Angus Campbell, 3 Forks of Cheat, Pretty Polly Ann, Bill Brown, Boys All My Money Is Gone, Jump in the Well Pretty Little Miss, Lonesome Gone, Blue Mtn. Hornpipe, Everybody 2 step, Turkey In the Straw, Apple Knocker, Jeff Sturgeon, Tomahawk, Sugar in the Gourd, Lost Indian, Squirrel Heads & Gravy, Illinois Rye Straw (A/D) Give the Fiddler a Dram, Fine Times at Our House, Beckett's Waltz, Bull at the Wagon, Little Dutch Girl, Liza Jane, Breakin' Up Christmas, Old Mother Flanagan, Little Billy Wilson, Falls of Richmond (Amod), Jimmy Johnson, Little Whiskey, Hangman's Reel, Booth Shot Lincoln, Ducks on the Pond (Amod), Boyne Water (Amod), Black Jack Grove (Amod), Speed of the Plow, Whitesburg, 5 Miles of Ellum Wood, Red Prairie Dawn, Road to Westfield, Lost Indian, Rebel Raid, Bunker Hill, Grubb Springs, Chinquipin Hunting, Bear Creek Sally Goodin, Candy Girl, Jack Danielson's Reel, All Young, The Old Still House, Tippin Back the Corn, Ernie Carpenter's Liza Jane, Boot Heel Drag, Dull Chisel, Horse & Buggy-O. KEY OF Bb: College Hornpipe.KEY OF F: Wild Hog In the Woods, Safe Harbor Rag, Unnamed Tune, Soldier's Joy, Acorn Stomp, 3 in 1 Two Step. KEY OF D MINOR: Pagan Rite. KEY OF D: Arthur Smith Tune, Dixie, Snake Chapman's Tune, Santa Rosa Processional, Forked Deer, Cindy, Fly Around Pretty Little Miss, Lonesome Hill, OT Backstep Cindy, 5 Miles From Town, Dickson County Blues, Old Missouri, Packlement, Sweet Bundy, Year of Jubiloe, Indian Nation, Dog Chased a Possom Up A White Oak Tree, Rush & the Pepper, Rolling River, Gilsaw, Dry & Dusty, Fortune, Sally Ann, Sail Away Ladies, Walk Old shoe Heel Come a-Draggin', Dickey's Discovery, Illinois Rickett's, Grand Picnic, Julie Ann Johnson, Prarie du Rocher Motion, Lafayette, Chase the Squirrel, Yellow Barber, Grand River Whiskey, Spring Creek Gals, Walk Old Shoe (?), Dubuque, Cherokee Shuffle, Birdie in a Snowbank, Calico Corn, Willot's Hornpipe, Lighthouse, Roscoe's Waltz, Red Hills Polka, Rabbit In a Pea Patch, Turkey In a Pea Patch, Turkey Sag, Bass in the Holler, Persinger's Hornpipie, Fall On My Knees, Molly Put the Kettle On, Martha Campbell, Smith's Reel, Christmas Eve, Ways of the World, Rachel, Knockin' On the Kitchen Door, Hawks & Eagles, Nancy Blevins, West Fork Gals, New 5 Cents, Mulberry Hornpipe. KEY OF C: New House, New Money, Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Wes Muir's Tune, Tie Hacker #2, Cincinnati Rag, Sullivan's Hollow, Altamont, L&N Rag, Boll Weevil Drag, East Tennessee Blues, 40 Miles From Georgetown, Arkansas 2 Step, Blues from Leake County Revellers,

8 comments on “My Repertoire”

OTJunky Says:
Friday, February 1, 2008 @10:40:11 PM


Nice tune list.  It'll take me a while to sort through all of it.

I think I've heard that version of "Wild Hog in the Woods" in F.  I play the one in D off the Fuzzy Mountain CD - but I think their different tunes altogether.

How many parts does your version of Forked Deer have.  Do you play all five of Ed Haley's parts?

I wonder what the difference is between Arizona Wagner and Tennessee Wagner?

I play Indian Ate a Woodchuck in D - not C.  I think Ed Haley played it in D.  Where did you get your C version?

And congratulations on both Catlletsburg and Rock Pallet.  Neither one of these are easy.  Do you play all three parts of Cattletsburg?

Finally - where did you learn Tie Hacker #2.  Is it the same tune as Tie Hacker's Hoedown that's played in Missouri.

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