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What a great morning...

Posted by Sassafrassa on Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello, all!  I got my fiddle back this morning after it being at the luthiers for a "tune-up".  Joe did a great job...the action is much more comfortable and the neck much smoother where there was a little rough spot.  But the biggest improvement was in my fiddle's voice!  The closest description that I can come up with is my fiddle had a cold and was all congested.  Her voice didn't have any focus or clarity.  With the adjustments to the soundpost and bridge, and with the brighter strings, it's like it's a different instrument!!  She still has that woody earthiness that drew me to her in the first place, but it's clearer.  I liked my fiddle before, but I love how much better she sounds.  Wish I could do her justice.  Joe played her for me, and it was just lovely.  I think I can continue to grow with this instrument before I will have to's got a lot of potential for someone at my level.  (Now..this doesn't mean that I don't want that second instrument!!  I'm still plotting that one out, too... ) I think it will take me a little bit of time to adjust to the changes, but I don't think it will be too long.

I took my first hour lesson from Joe this morning, as well.   What an absolute blast!   We get along quite well, and we tend to get off on subjects...he covered a lot of ground and gave me a whole lot to think about for then next few weeks before we meet again.  Scales, arpeggios, bowing patterns, and chords.  All in the first lesson.  Plus some technique adjustment suggestions. The most difficult one for me was having to do with lifting my fingers too far off the fingerboard when playing. As well as some bow-hold suggestions and tension tamers.  Whew.  My head was getting ready to explode before the lesson was through!!  Thanks, Joe.  I'm pretty sure I'm addicted, now.  Can't wait for my next fix.   ;)

All in all a spectacular morning!  Can't wait for the end of the day so I can play my girl again...I think I'll be doing some woodshedding on the tune that we worked on.  Shortnin' Bread with drones and simple ornamentation with my new bow strokes.  What fun homework!!

Thanks for reading....



7 comments on “What a great morning...”

bj Says:
Friday, December 10, 2010 @4:35:10 PM

Cool! When your fiddle sounds great it makes you want to play all day, doesn't it?

I've got three great sounding fiddles now, so I gotta be careful they don't cut into my work time. ;-)

I'm glad your lesson went so well, sounds like you two are off to a great start. It's great when you find the right teacher.

cheekee Says:
Friday, December 10, 2010 @8:57:53 PM

you know sara, you've really got me thinkin. i have two fiddles. the one i play all the time looks pretty much like plywood stuck together but its loud and clear and has been set up to play fiddle tunes. its pretty decent for a $100 kijiji special, but after playing some other fiddles last summer i know what a hunk o junk it is.

my second fiddle had a hard life. some cracks...a screw even (?). i got it fixed up cuz my dad gave it to me (bought it from a friend). its pretty. it has the flamed two piece back and a nice colour...but i find it hard to play and don't care much for the tone. maybe it just has a crappy set up and i need someone to work a little magic on, even get it set up for fiddle tunes. i bet it could sound better. you have motivated me to take it in :-)

harwilli55 Says:
Saturday, December 11, 2010 @12:49:10 PM

That is great news Sara !! You are so right about the excitement of having your fiddle come back to you sounding better than ever. There is no better feeling huh ? As for doing your fiddle justice, already you are. Each day you play more, the more you will discover making that fiddle sing. And that is the fun of discoveries around every corner ;-)

That is also wonderful to find a teacher that you enjoy. That will make working on the lessons so much more fun since you will get to share them with your teacher. Bravo !!!

Humbled by this instrument Says:
Saturday, December 11, 2010 @5:17:22 PM

Sara, what kind of fiddle? Made where? I'm curious. Good to hear you're liking the new sound. thanks,

Sassafrassa Says:
Sunday, December 12, 2010 @8:18:11 AM

bj--yes it is difficult to do what I need to do sometimes, cause I DO want to play. Yesterday I got to play for a couple of hours and it was GREAT. (The act of playing....not MY playing so much!) I'm still getting used to the new action and strings.

cheekee--I was shocked at how much better my fiddle sounded. I thought it was set up pretty well until Joe looked at it. What a difference. It was definitely worth the small investment.

harwilli55--I know some people are skeptical about "playing an instrument in", but I"m hearing with my instrument quite a bit. It warms up as I play, and the longer I have her the better she sounds. I am getting to know her voice, and while I know she's a student instrument, she is quite enough for me at the moment. And I really like my teacher. I think we are going to get along quite well, and he's an excellent musician, too.

Humbled--It's a Sheng Lui Model #2--it's a Chinese fiddle, and I've never heard of the company--not that I know that much about Violins. I bought it from a local violin shop. The owner played several in my price range, and this one was the instrument that sounded the best. With the new setup, I do think the instrument was a good investment. I may outgrow it at some point, but it will be a little while, I think! You can see it in my's the one that looks new. :) The other is an old trade fiddle that I bought off eBay, and is a fractional. Still not sure what I will do with it...

richdissmore Says:
Sunday, December 12, 2010 @11:37:58 AM

sassafrassa keep both violins in case one has to be fixed that way you woun,t be with out a fiddle

richdissmore Says:
Sunday, December 12, 2010 @11:38:00 AM

sassafrassa keep both violins in case one has to be fixed that way you woun,t be with out a fiddle

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