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Discuss/ BHO (Deering) Tunes IN the Wood!

Posted by ladymuse on Sunday, December 5, 2010

>>>Hi Guys - I have moved this all to the fiddle-related forum thread ~ Tunes IN the Wood - Haunted Fiddles ~- I have been getting a lot of stories! - you can read this all here, or just find the thread - I copied everything over - cause it is a great topic! Jen 12/6/10

Dec 5 2010 - interesting dicussion (deering) at BHO - but this came out of there bein' a wishing for tunes built into the instruments - - and you know? There IS! (I think!) Filddles ALL have tunes in 'em!)

Dec 5 2010  (Talking about banjos coming with tunes installed - ) LOL!

-I think it is all in the IMBUANCE! LOL! At least fiddle-wise - older fiddles are prized because they come along with every player's loves and chops and tunes in the wood - as well as being seasoned, since all those vibrations running through, and all the love - tends to tighten and align the wood grain - (yes, my theory, but HEY! It's all there !-

I find banjos and other wooden instruments (or parts of), seem to be the same - when you pick one up, the whole history is inherent - like an aura! LOL!

And with "new" instruments - it's almost all there too - it just hasn't been woken up -
Think of all the craft, the love, the attention to detail that has gone in it, and all the decades, centuries, etc, of every craftsman that is coming thru whoever is working on it to bring it into the world - and all the banjos, etc, that went through those jigs, and all the banjos those tools have touched - and all the musicians of whatever caliber that have left their essences, as it were, in the store or workshop - Puts a twinkle in your eye, to consider it -

And that is not even who has played it yet! -

It honestly makes you look at and connect in a different way with your instrument - the history IS inherent -

so the tunes are there, and the way to uncover them is to play it and touch it and hold it and cherish it, aside from banging on it - and a nod of thanks to all the those of the banjo lineage, each and every time -

I think they all have them built in - you just have to get in tune with banjo history ghosts and give them a nod -

fiddlers to a great degree, know this - (HAHA! - oops! didn't mean to poke yer in the eye with my bow - ) LOL!
But it makes a difference, I think - without trying to get all esoteric - that YOU might give a nod to the vibes YOU send thru your instrument - (and yes, I established The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Fiddles) We can have one for banjos, too -

And remember and add a thought for all those banjos that didn't have the best homes - they can be cuddled and brought back. Good Vibrations and imbuance will turn it to the finest wine - or beer - or white lightning - and I think it's pretty true - (but that's my universe!)

- Dang! I feel a moral folktale coming on!....

You'd be amazed - No one mean and ornery or cruel crafts musical instruments - they wouldn't be able to do it -
music-making conduits have a touch of the divine in all of them -(and I feel a crusade coming on too...LOL!
Yes, even the Divil had his touch - and he COULD play the fiddle...)



8 comments on “Discuss/ BHO (Deering) Tunes IN the Wood!”

cornfed Says:
Sunday, December 5, 2010 @5:11:39 PM

uhhh, I dunno,Jen... I've known a couple of cantakerous and ornery fiddle makers, with more than a little of the devil in them.

Your point is well taken, though. Every fiddle has its story, and is more than willing to sing it to you if you give it half a chance. The trick is hearing in the white spaces between the notes.

bsed55 Says:
Sunday, December 5, 2010 @6:50:25 PM

I appoint thee ambassadoress for all of us fiddle players. LOL

ladymuse Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @12:08:40 AM

I accept!
Now someone needs to gift me a cable station, with all expenses paid for 3 years - -- LOL!

ladymuse Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @1:09:29 AM

LOL! Cornfed! Of Course the devil is in there! Kin you imagine how milk-soppish it would be? like those greek/italian paintings/frescoes
-where they play the lyres with that moonstruck-coweyed look on their faces? Nawwww
- give me a fiddle with a little of the devil - with a little of the devil peering out between the notes!

bj Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @6:58:24 AM

It seems I've earned the title "Queen of Fiddle Rescue" and now have sad broken fiddles scratching at my door trying to get in. I agree about the tunes, and I've gotta wonder if we who hear those ghostly whisperings are the ones who end up with the most hainted fiddles.

There's one fiddle I pick up and there are two tunes that HAVE TO GET PLAYED on it before I put it down. It's like those tunes are so sopped into the spirit of the fiddle that my fingers will go there without conscious thought. Figures the two tunes are in different keys/tunings . . . talk about ornery.

ladymuse Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @3:46:09 PM

THAT is totally COOL! I know about fiddles knocking at the door - and parts of them, TOO! Haunted fiddles! I am totally delighted!
I had one old fiddle in LA - all it would play was balkan/russian style - Didn't matter WHAT you played - the tune started turning with hints of that style -it would twist - Arkansas Traveler came out driving - totally modal with the wailing ornaments - VERY COOL!!! I swear - you could also almost feel the hand fingers indentations on the neck and fingerboard - it was very alive and forceful -

Humbled by this instrument Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @8:52:24 PM

Yeah, it's possible to lurk or even comment over at the Banjo Hangout, yet who in his/ers right mind would do such a thing? (Spoken like William F. Buckley)

ladymuse Says:
Monday, December 6, 2010 @10:38:29 PM

HAHA! Well, I had to claw in on the deering banjos thread - since I love my openback - also, I have moved this (all above to a forum thread - Tunes in the wood - Haunted fiddles -

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