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I feel so flattered...

Posted by Sassafrassa on Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello, all!  What a wonderful weekend I had over the Thanksgiving holiday. Lots of free time to play my fiddle, cook, relax and be with my family of friends.  If only I could be that consistant in my playing every week!  I really was able to get into a groove and things were coming together.   Nothing that was a real breakthrough, per say, but my hold and my fingering are getting much more consistant with much better tonality.  Not that I don't get a clunker now and again, but it's getting there!  Bowing is improving...I even had a few strokes that felt loosey-goosey.  Loved that!!  I need to be able to bottle that feeling so I can do it all the time.

My favorite thing that happened, though, was yesterday evening.  I had been playing around...just noodling out a tune that was rattling around in my head...and I was experimenting with some long  bow strokes.  I was getting some pretty sounds out of my fiddle that sounded like real music! (at least to my ears), so I thought I'd apply the same strokes to a song that I am learning.  I stared playing Amazing Grace first in one key, then in another...long slow bow strokes...and who should walk in the door but my sweet girl dog, Nisha. (Nisha hates my fiddle.  Every time I pull her out to play, she slinks off to another part of the house.  I think the squeaks hurt her ears.)  Nisha quietly walked to her bed, curled up in her bedtime pose, sighed heavily and went to sleep.  What a compliment!!  My dog liked my playing.  I can ask for nothing better.  :)

I am having my fiddle looked at on Friday by Joe Shelton, and I hope that he can adjust anything that needs tweaking and perhaps make some string recommendations.  I am also going to inquire about lessons. He plays (and has played) old-time fiddle, and he comes highly recommended from several people in this area. Not sure if I will do weekly lessons...maybe bi-weekly.  My hope is that I can get some lessons and hours playing under my belt, and maybe look at some fiddle camps down the road.  I love the idea of coming together with other people who are at the same level as yourself...jams can be so intimidating to a beginner, but group lessons/camp might be a way to get my feet wet playing with others.  Not sure how to get over the stage fright....Nisha is the only one I can play in front of without getting nervous.  Even my best friends wig me out!!  Any suggestions would be appreciated....

Hope everyone had splendid Thanksgivings...I counted my blessings and hope that you have many as well.  Thanks for reading!!


9 comments on “I feel so flattered...”

eerohero Says:
Monday, November 29, 2010 @6:30:45 PM

You`re making progress daily, that means a whole lot, even if they`re only tiny ones, You may concider yourself lucky for living in US anyway, we dont have any workshops here in Scandinavia,we dont celebrate thanxsgiving either, Im missing that one for sure !

I count my gratitudes anyway, silently to myself, after all these years in US.

cheekee Says:
Monday, November 29, 2010 @6:56:00 PM

THAT sounds like progress. Speaking of doggies...I remember the first three days I brought home my saxophone when I started Grade 9 Band class, my little chihuahua sat beside me THAT is how good I was when I first brought it home. Ha ha.

I'm also glad though that my cats no longer look at me with utter disgust when I pull out the fiddle. BONUS!

richdissmore Says:
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @11:22:40 AM

hi a little at a time after some time things that were hard become easy then as you learn you can teach others what you have learned have a good day you have heard of the little boy that was sent to the basement to practice the family dog followed the boy to the basement as the boy p layed his fiddle the dog would sing . his dad yelled in to the basement can,t you play a song that dog does not know?

eerohero Says:
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @3:09:09 PM

The basement story was funny, rich,lol

Sassafrassa Says:
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @4:08:32 PM

eerohero--I consider myself extremely lucky to live not only in the US, but in the Piedmont of NC. This area is incredibly rich in musical heritage, as well as great modern music. I can't think of too many other places with as many opportunities to learn.

cheekee--My dogs don't howl...or at least not at my fiddle. Nisha does howl at the emergency vehicles as they go by...I think she tries to harmonize! I will be glad when I can avoid chasing away my animals and my family when I play.

rich--LOVE that story. So friends dachshund would always sing along with anything he'd play on the piano. Bad thing was, he was a professional pianist! It drove my friend crazy after a while, and he'd lock Baron (the dog) in his bedroom.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody! It's always appreciated.

bj Says:
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @4:50:12 PM

It's time for you to find some jams to go to. Don't worry about whether you can play or keep up, just go, bring your instrument, and make sure to actually take it out of the case. Then, when they start playing a tune, find out what key it's in and find all the open notes. Then try to find a note on either side of the open notes. Then keep filling the holes. Pretty soon you'll be picking up tunes on the fly. Yes, it's time. Don't chicken out, just do it. You'll have a blast.

harwilli55 Says:
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @5:43:31 PM

Yes !!! It is time to get out of the house....once your pet appreciates your music that means you are ready to play with humans :-D Seriously, though, I cannot echo enough along with bj's encouragement. Go find a jam or two to sit in. You will find your learning taking quantum jumps !!! You will meet amazingly kind people who will support, encourage, and help you to learn.

And Yes, you live in a fiddle rich area.....make use of it !!! I am doing that here in the Virginia Piedmont....and it amazes me that I can sit in the same circle and learn from some really great fiddlers, even though I cannot begin to sound like them.....yet !! That doesn't matter to them or to me, as I know I will continue to grow and learn from them.

Congratulations !!! It sounds like a great Thanksgiving !!!

Sassafrassa Says:
Friday, December 3, 2010 @11:55:34 AM

Yes...I know I need to play with people. I get so nervous about it. I have that disease...called perfectionism? But...I talked to Joe today about it, and he suggested that I start coming to the monthly jam. It's really low key...about 30 people...and it is friendly to newcomers. I told him I'd come. Plus, it's in a bar/restaurant so I can enjoy a brew with my bowing!

*Gulp.* I've said yes...and I guess I'll give it a shot. First Thursday of the month... Won't be till January, but I'm gonna do it!

eerohero Says:
Friday, December 3, 2010 @9:12:19 PM

wonderful, just dont change your mind for now, not for any reason.
I had my first Jam with Blues Guys last week and I loved it. We played Charlie Parker, Johnny Gimble and even Chuck Berry ! style blues, and it took a breath out of me !

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