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Recording Equipment

Posted by Hilly on Sunday, November 14, 2010

Technology seems to have passed me by. I am wanting to purchase some recording equipment & need some advice. I need to hear from some of you on the pros & cons of  recording on a PC versus a free standing  portable studio type ect.  Which is best & which is easiest to use & reasonabley priced.  I'm thinking of an 8-track with a cd burner attached but may have to settle for something cheaper.What do you guys record on to submit tunes to FHO ? Any advice would be appreciated.  Hilly<

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Humbled by this instrument Says:
Monday, November 15, 2010 @6:29:21 AM

Hello Dan! I use a BOSS digital recorder on which I can record a multitude of tracks, fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass, etc., and from there I can mix my recording down to a CD. I find this system easy to use, although I only use about 1/1000 of all the electronic things that this device offers...that is, I don't use the electronic drums or various effects. I just record my acoustic stuff. I also use an H2 recorder to record my daily practice, and I really like this device in that it's portable and small and I can take it everywhere. The downside is that I have to wear my reading glasses to read the small screen. Hope some of this helps.

Hilly Says:
Monday, November 15, 2010 @6:38:08 AM

Thanks for the advice Curt. That H=2 sounds interesting & I have the Boss in consideration too.

ChickenMan Says:
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @4:22:13 PM

Why 8 tracks, you planning on recording yourself as a band?
I think Zoom is a brand name many here use - might be that H2 actually.
It's basically a built in mic (maybe two for stereo) and a digital flash card for memory. Free standing is more convenient.
One of my band mates has one and it makes good recordings, especially in the up close and personal realm.
The days of the tape recorders are over, that's for sure. Since my Maranz digital recorder just died (almost 15 years of hard use at gigs and on the road)
I've been using my video (digital) camera and then using a program I got free online to 'rip' the audio from the video.
It's working pretty good for me, so if that's an option for you, you might try it.

You might get more input from members if you post this in the forum - more people read the forums than the blogs.

Hilly Says:
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @7:30:35 PM

Thanks Chickenman for the input. I just need something simple as I am PC illitlerate as well as how to record but I appreciate your advice. Hilly<

fiddlepogo Says:
Thursday, November 18, 2010 @8:24:13 PM

The thing to remember is that the H2 and similar recorders are really small computers.... with a very small screen, that's not always that easy for us seniors to read.
You should see if you can look at a friends H2 or similar (TEAC?) recorder... see if you think you can read the screen okay.

Even if you think you are "PC illiterate" it still might be easier to:
1. get a large-diaphragm USB microphone ($100 to $200)
2. plug it in to a USB port
3. Download Audacity and install it (free)
4. Record the fiddle tunes with Audacity

Audacity is the most common recording program out there,
lots of people on the Fiddle Hangout use it, and so do I.

The big advantage of the portable recorders is that, well, they are PORTABLE.
If you go to jam sessions or festivals, and want to record tunes, yeah, you should get
one, and learn how to use it. (I see you are in Mountain View, say if you wanted to record stuff at the festival)
But if you are only going to record at home, being able to see things on a large screen
and click on buttons with the mouse might make things easier.

Either way, there are people who could help you by listing the steps you need to do to record, and you
could print them out and tape them to the edge of the monitor,
just go down the list every time you record something.
That's what I did to get a friend into computers so he could use e-mail,
and I think you're farther along with them than he was...
he was REALLY PC-illiterate.
In fact, he was computerphobic!!!

Hilly Says:
Friday, November 19, 2010 @7:48:16 AM

Thanks a lot Pogo. I will try Audacity but I probably need a portable too. Hilly<

guitarjimcunningham Says:
Sunday, November 21, 2010 @12:11:49 PM

Hay ,you already have a computer right ? I can assume that you already have a microphone . Your computer has a sound card with a headphone jack and a microphone jack . Get the adaptors to plug them in if you have to . A few $ at Radio Shack then go to C-NET.com and download a free version of MT Studio (by Giel Bremmer) . It will record 3 tracks but you can't do any of the fancy effects . I used to use it and i would record 2 tracks then use the third track to record a master . I would go back and erase everything except the master and record a new track . Then record record a NEW master on the other empty track . If you aint in no hurry you can use the same technique to record and master as many tracks as you like and it is free .
' course you gotta realize I am a cheap $()% . It taught me a little about recording so when I bought the complete MT Studio I had some Idea how to get a sound that ain't too bad .I hope(you know how opinions are) . Your friend ,jim

Hilly Says:
Monday, November 22, 2010 @7:23:10 AM

Thanks Jim & all you others . I appreciate & respect your opinions. Hilly<

oldtimestrings Says:
Friday, December 24, 2010 @2:07:11 PM

Hi there Hilly,

I'm coming a little late to this discussion, but if you haven't yet made any purchases, let me offer my 2 cents. I would also suggest a portable stereo digital recorder. They might have smallish screens, but they're not miniscule, and the best of them are really easy to use and sound astonishingly good. The Zoom H2 is good, but the model's being phased out. I suggest you look at the Zoom H1 or Tascam DR-07, either which can be had for around 100 bucks. You can spend more and get more features, but for basic stereo recording, these units can't be beat.

Happy Holidays to all!

richdissmore Says:
Friday, April 27, 2012 @2:18:33 PM

the zoom is the one to use just as soon as i learn how to use it. i have one other firend use one and its good

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