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One thing never changes:

Posted by john timpany on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and that's, that all things change.

Wonderful clubs, even more wonderful people, great music and a sun tan. What more could I ask for?

Once there were two types of club; traditional and contemporary now there is no distinction, and where I play in the traditional idiom this change came as a surprise; but the players!

There are guys out there writing songs and tunes that some future generation will listen to and another folk revival will begin and they will ask 'Where did all the folk musicians go?' just as we are doing today.

It's wonderful. It was a wonderful time, and my questions were answered leaving me with a new question - "Do I really want to get back on the road?" when I caught myself out planning my web site and how I could find the money for a camper van and I thought "Why am I planning all this if I don't want to do it?" so I sort of answered it. Or did I?

BJ - rip stop nylon is wet, wet, wet. Every day I had to dry out my bedding in the back seat of the car! I need more ventilation I know, but it gets so cold.

I had a woman to snuggle up to last time, I guess that makes a difference :)

Norfolk was short on fiddle players and instrumentalists generally, so I would guess this might be typical, though where I am is a hot spot for very talented musicians with excellent box, fiddle, whistle and even pipe players, so I am very lucky to be in this area.

I even met a friend from the days we ran clubs in London who invited me onto his radio show so we could chat and play live to hardly any listeners! Haha.

Thanks for reading friends. Thanks for replying. Thanks for being on this site and looking at some old timers' blog.

Now, where did I put that web site?

3 comments on “One thing never changes:”

bj Says:
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @6:52:59 AM

I've been playing for pay at historical sites in my area. They all have events of various sorts as fundraisers, and a fiddler puts people in a good mood, and gets them reaching into their wallets, so a fiddler is a good investment for the non-profit. And they can usually afford a single player, while a duo or trio gets spendy for them.

A different vehicle that allows for sleeping inside might be the ticket for you. But I also know gas/petrol is pricier on your side of the pond, so I guess that's a big consideration, and bigger vehicles use more gas. I have a pickup truck with a cap, and can sleep in the back of it. It's up off the ground and dry even in the worst weather, though getting OUT of the truck bed in wet weather and keeping everything dry is a bit tricky. Still, I betcha it's dryer than tenting. The plan is to eventually move to a minivan, which will be even more comfortable.

eerohero Says:
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @2:57:48 PM

yes, you`re sure lucky living at players area, I have plans for moving to players area, whereever its located,I have none to play with at my current location, and thats very depressive.

Why dont we have a town like Nashville in Sweden ?
the only thing that sounds here is the Roaring from Formel 1 cars, I live a stone throw from Anderstorp Racing Track
besides that fact, every real Man ought to smell Diesel !
I havent decide about my After Shave label yet, unleaded or Diesel.

bj, youre lucky as well, living in your truck at festivals, you have festivals to visit , thats a whole lot, working as a solo entertainer here is Fun for awhile, not in a long run.The best years of my Life were spended in illinois, Jam every Night all over the places,the Gas was so much cheaper out there also.

john timpany Says:
Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @3:49:09 PM

BJ you are one gutsy lady living out of a truck.
My solution to wet weather was a military/vietnam style ponch. Virtually nothing gets wet from the rain and no condensation. Looks ok in the fields and on the beach but in town.... I would look like a trend setting dipstick.

Yes, my friend from years back mentioned libraries, Womens Institutes and Retirement homes as paid work in between gigs.mWomens Institutes over here are more like womens clubs (Should be 'peoples' Institutes these days) for ladies who wish to 'expand' themselves, and I don't mean pizzas & choco. I will look into historical sites - we have castles and stuff here which I know do entertainment - good tip gal - thanky.

eerohero - gee whizz man I feel for you.
It must be like living in a desert!
I don't think I could live in a place where there was NO chance of getting to clubs and simply 'showing off'! But you are doing the right thing by hanging out on a social musicians website - gives you a modicum of encouragement I hope.

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