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I think I can do this!

Posted by Sassafrassa on Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello, again!  I am so excited about playing!!  I've had two really great practice sessions this holiday weekend.  I'm hearing much better sounds coming out of my instrument, and the fiddle itself seems to sound better...of course, it could be my somewhat improved technique, but whatever it may be I'm liking what I'm hearing.  I'm hitting the notes with better intonation and the transition from string to string is so much more clear.  I'm not hitting extra strings as often as I was before, so you can hear the melody much clearer.  All in all, it gives me the confidence to think that I might be able to play this thing (with time and practice, of course...)!

Another thing that was really cool this weekend was that my fiddle warmed up.  When I don't play for a couple of days, my fiddle seems to sound...tight. Some of it is ME of course, but the tone is different.  This weekend, since I have had more time to devote to her, she has been so open and warm.  Today in fact, she just SANG.  The sustain when I bowed open strings was MUCH longer and richer. The whole fiddle vibrated! It was like another instrument.  I hope she continues to improve as I get better at this.  I think she's a good investment...I'm digging her more and more.

Also, I'm finding my fingers are hitting strings and muffling them as I note on certain passages/positions of my hand.  It muffles the tone, of course, and on some strings it actually makes the tone sound hollow.  I don't have fat fingers, so I'm not sure how to fix the problem.  I have been trying to note lighter, as I notice that when I have the "death grip" the notes sound even further off pitch. I'm sure it's all about practice, and perhaps it will come in time.

I'm really excited about continuing to play.  Each day gets easier and less scary sounding.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can call myself a fiddler!

3 comments on “I think I can do this!”

M-D Says:
Monday, September 6, 2010 @9:16:40 PM

Like every learning process, we have hills to climb. Once conquered, we're at a higher place, and a plateau where we can coast for a bit. There are times when this plateau seems to go on forever, but what we're really doing is climbing another hill. Suddenly, one day we've broken the crest, and can play at a higher level than before. And then we get to plateau some more, and. . . .

Enjoy. It's a long process. :o)

Sassafrassa Says:
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @3:52:13 AM

Hey, M-D! I have no problem with a long process....I'm just very happy to be making progress. So much of what I've read had me scared that I would be in the cat strangling stage for a much longer time. I still sound like a distressed cat on occasion, but at least my dogs aren't scared of me anymore!! I'm enjoying the climb, and hope to be able to enjoy the rewards as I continue my journey. Thanks for reading and responding!

Feodosia Says:
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @8:04:06 AM

The strings of a fiddle are very close together , especially at the nut .... you will muffle less strings as you keep practising .... as you try other people's fiddles you will notice that the spacing of the strings at the nut can really vary ....I tend to play with a wider spacing myself .... I have one fiddle with spacing so close , I can't play a single string by itself definetely needs a new nut cut for it - LOL Keep having fun !

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