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Updated Tune List

Posted by fiddlepogo on Saturday, August 28, 2010

Somehow the tune list I posted early on got truncated, so I'm reposting,  partly for the benefit of some new folks who might come to the local jams.

The "work on" sections mean I could PROBABLY get through the tune at moderate tempo, but it might be shaky.  I still learn tunes fairly quickly, but it helps to have someone local to get me to commit to learning THEIR version and to remind me how the tune goes when I forget!!!

(Edit: I went through all the D tunes, all the G tunes in the "Work On" category, and decided to add another category:

"Can't Start Now"

There aren't very many of these, and there are various reasons for this, sometimes I just haven't played it enough if it's a new tune, so it's only in passive memory (I need to play along with a recording or MIDI file to get me going)  OR the version is so flawed or boring that something in me refuses to play it!!!

For instance: Cricket on the Hearth- I've found a better version I need to work on, and Fire on the Mountain... I think my version is a dead simple bluegrass version, and really doesn't have anything to recommend it, but I've heard at least one version I like better, so maybe if I get the gumption... you get the idea.  In the meantime, if somebody started playing them at a jam, I could probably start playing along... well, maybe.

I also clarified the ADAE section to reflect that some tunes are also listed in the GDAE section because I mostly play them there, others really should be played in ADAE for flavor's sake, but I could easily play them in GDAE.) 

Key of D:

8th of January

Angeline the Baker

Arkansas Traveler

Boil Them Cabbage Down

Chicken Reel


Flop Eared Mule

Forked Deer

Folding Down the Sheets

Golden Slippers

Grasshopper Sittin’ on a Sweet PV

Hell Amongst the Yearlings



La Bastringue



Macklemoyle’s Reel

Mississippi Sawyers

Molly Hare

Morpeth Rant

Over the Waterfall

Quince Dillon's High D Tune

Ragtime Annie

Raw Recruit

Richmond Cotillion

Rose Tree

Robinson County

Rock the Cradle, Joe*

Rocky Mountain Goat

Sherman's March To the Sea

Soldier's Joy

St Anne's Reel

Sullivan’s Hollow

Texas Quickstep

Too Young To Marry


Westfork Girls

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Willits or Won’t It?

Wind that Shakes the Barley

Yellow Rose of Texas

Rickett's Hornpipe

Fisher's Hornpipe

Durang's Hornpipe.

Burchard's Hornpipe

Harvest Home Hornpipe

Boys of Blue Hill


Liverpool Hornpipe

Dundee Hornpipe

Cheat or Swing

Cowboy’s Dream


Rochester Schottische (Hetzler)

Gaspe Reel

Smith’s Reel

Minneola Rag

Muddy Roads

Nixon's Farewell

Old French


Staten Island Hornpipe

Can’t Start now:

Cricket On The Hearth

Possum Up A Gumstump*

Texas Gallop

Key of G:

Barlow Knife

Blackberry Blossom

Colored Aristocracy

Cotton Eyed Joe (2)

Cumberland Gap


Fiddler's Dram

Flowers of Edinburgh

Girl I Left Behind Me

Hobb Dye

Leather Breeches

Little Liza Jane (2)*


Miss McCloud's Reel

Rakes of Mallow

Red Wing/Buffalo Gals

Saddle Up the Grey

Sally Ann/Sail Away Ladies

Sailor's Hornpipe

Sandy River Belle

Seneca Square Dance

Shortenin’ Bread

Shove That Pig's Foot etc.

Stoney Point

Temperance Reel

Turkey in the Straw

Walkin' In My Sleep


Cobbler’s Reel

Down Yonder

Lady of the Lake


Prince William

Flying Cloud CotillionLouie’s First Tune

Old Mother Flanagan

Jenny Lind Polka

Going To Boston

Cripple Creek

B flat, C, & F:

work on:

Done Gone Bb&C

Democratic Rage Bb

Billy in the Lowground C

Shelvin’ Rock C

Take Me Back To Georgia C

Hull’s Victory F

A Modal:

Cluck Old Hen

Cold Frosty Morning

Cuckoo's Nest

Ducks on the Pond

First of May

Greasy Coat

Growlin' Old Man

June Apple

Kitchen Girl

Money Musk (Reed?)

Old Joe Clark

Red Haired Boy

Salt Creek

Sally in the Garden

Shakin' down the Acorns

Shady Grove




28th of January

Can’t Start now:

Granny Will Your Dog Bite?

Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies

Elzic’s Farewell

Paddy on the Railroad

A Major:

Bill Cheatham

Bull at the Wagon

Cherokee Shuffle

Cripple Creek

Sally Goodin

Sourwood Mountain



Money Musk (Cole’s)Fire on the Mountain

Speed the Plough

Wake Up Susan

Devil’s Dream/Deil Amang the Tailors medley





Little Rabbit

Old Joe Clark

Sugar in the Gourd

John Henry

Ducks on the Pond

George Booker

Grub Springs



Camp Chase

Fine Times at Our House

Last of Callahan

Ways of the World (modal)

Yew Piney Mountain


John Brown’s Dream



Black-Eyed Susie

Dry And Dusty

awks and Eagles

Rochester Schottische (Jarrell)

Susannah Gal

Walkin’ in the Parlor

The Ways of the World

Wild Hog in the Woods


Can also Play in GDAE

Trude Evans

Johnson Boys

The Lazy Farmer

Rockingham Cindy

Same Old Man

Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm

Shootin’ Creek

Robinson County*

Soldier’s Joy*

Yellow Rose of Texas*

June Apple*

Red Haired Boy*

Salt Creek*


(*= duplicate listing in GDAE)


Bonaparte’s Retreat (Slow)
Bonaparte’s Retreat (Fast)
George Washington
Glory at the Meeting House

Fiddle songs
Been All Around This World
Frog Went a Courtin’
Glendy Burk
Go In and Out the Window
Handsome Molly
Hard Times Come Again No More
Old Dan Tucker
Old McDonald
She’ll Be Coming Round the Mtn.
The Bear Went Over the Mountain The Yellow Rose of Texas

Irish Washerwoman
Garry Owen
Pop Goes the Weasel
Haste to the Wedding
Connaught Man’s Ramble
St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning
Roaring Jelly

Ashokan Farewell-D
Country Waltz-C
Little Dog Waltz-D
Mockingbird Hill-G
Peeler Creek Waltz_G
Put Your Little Foot Right Here-G
Rosin the Beau-G,C
Wednesday Night Waltz-G,D
Westphalia Waltz C, G
Tennessee Waltz-C, D, sing G
Work on:
Shepherd’s Wife
Peekaboo Waltz
Tombigbee Waltz
Young Jane
The Bowery
After the Ball
Believe Me If All Those E.Y.C.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Daisy, Daisy

AnteBellum/Civil War Era
Aura Lee
All Quiet Along the Potomac*
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Betsy From Pike
Blue Tailed Fly
Bound for the Rio Grande
Follow The Drinkin’ Gourd
I’ve Always Been A Rambler
Listen to the Mockingbird
Nelly Bly*
Old Kentucky Home
Swanee River
Sweet Sunny South
The Bonnie Blue Flag
Wait For the Wagon
Wayfaring Stranger


9 comments on “Updated Tune List”

scrubber Says:
Sunday, August 29, 2010 @12:45:59 AM

GOLDEN SLIPPERS in D?? I thought I was the only one to prefer this key for that tune -- most of the folks I know like to play it in G...

What I like about D is that it gives me two octaves to play the tune in (i.e., fine and coarse) without going into (verbotten) higher positions...


mudbug Says:
Sunday, August 29, 2010 @1:03:47 AM

Pogo, That there is ONE impressive tunelist!

OTJunky Says:
Sunday, August 29, 2010 @11:01:44 AM

In AEAE - you forgot, "Breaking Up Christmas", "Sourwood Mountain", and "Cotton Eyed Joe".

It might be that you've never played any of these before, and think you don't play'em. But given everything else you play, I'm sure you can play these... ;-)


ChickenMan Says:
Sunday, August 29, 2010 @11:44:11 AM

And you can play them off the cuff? That is one big list.
I just updated mine, and thought I was doing pretty good with just over 100.
So many tunes, yadda yadda.... :-)

fiddlepogo Says:
Sunday, August 29, 2010 @7:34:45 PM

No, I can't play them ALL off the cuff... just most of the ones that AREN'T on the "work on" lists... I think... it's been a while since I've combed through the list for stuff so rusty that it's seized up!!!!
Part of the function of a list, IMO, is to keep track of stuff that you HAVE worked on in the past, so you can revisit it, and build on your past practice of it. And part of the function of a list is so you have something
that when you meet a new jamming partner, they can read through your list, and anything they know you can mark as your common repertoire.
And if someone knows a tune on my "work on" list sections, I WILL work on it and get it active for them.

I do Sourwood Mountain in A in GDAE, and 2 versions of Cotton Eyed Joe in G. (Kenny Hall's and a variant of Bob Will's)

I'm sure I could work up Breakin' Up Christmas pretty quick...
I've got the singing tune in my head:
"Hooray Jake, Hooray John, breakin' up Christmas all night long"...
hey, you don't suppose Breakin' up Christmas is a variant of Cotton Eyed Joe???

I SING Golden Slippers in G, then the last time through I jump up to D and play it at a snappier hoedown tempo...
same fingerings, different strings.

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, August 30, 2010 @12:52:22 AM

I got inspired to run through ALL my D tunes and all the questionable G tunes.
I added a new category "CAN'T START NOW"... there aren't many in that section, but a few.
Then why have them on the list??? To remind me to work on them. "Out of sight, out of mind!!!"

I also clarified the ADAE section... there are only a small number that I've learned in ADAE that I can't really play just as well in GDAE. There are some I could easily play in GDAE but sound better in ADAE,
and then there are those that I like in GDAE, and are listed in that section, but it's nice to have a reminder of them in the ADAE section in case I was already in that tuning and wanted to play some more before I retuned.

I totaled the non-duplicated fiddle tunes (not including jigs, waltzes or songs), and I got about 170... I didn't expect nearly that much. That's kind of scary... how do you maintain that many tunes.... the answer is you probably DON'T.
I'm guessing only about 70 of those have enough polish to be suitable for gigging or recording.
The list also include some tunes from Cole's 1001 and a few contradance tunes, too.
What with all the cool tunes being played nowadays that hadn't been published or collected when I was actively fiddling and learning in the 1970's, I could easily push it past 200... or more...
then it would be TOTALLY unmanageable!!!

scrubber Says:
Monday, August 30, 2010 @1:58:10 AM

Well, now the tune list is DOUBLE SPACED -- looks much larger (but easier to read)!

Isn't it 'cheating' to sing Golden Slippers in one key and then change to another?? Doesn't seem OT to me...:)


fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, August 30, 2010 @7:55:41 PM

The double-spaced was unintentional... something is squirrelly about the FH blog editor!!!

Cheating??? It's called performing! ;^)

If Richmond Cotillion is in two keys and it's only one tune,
I don't see why you can't do that to Golden Slippers too!!! ;^D

Key changes in Old Time medleys are only verboten when a clawhammer banjo player is present.
I perform alone, I could change keys all the time if I wanted to.

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, August 30, 2010 @8:02:15 PM

That being said, it occurred to me that I almost never do a key change in a performance unless
I'm changing to or from a singing key... well, I've been known to do Westfalia Waltz in both C and G,
but that's about it.... well, also on a jig medley going from D to G... but that's jigs.

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