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Fiddling up a storm

Posted by Sassafrassa on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello, again!  I finally got to pick up my fiddle again the last two nights to practice.  My schedule has been so hectic that it's been a nightmare trying to fit in rehearsal time.  Life has a way of getting in the way.

Last night's session was really interesting.  It has been so dry and hot here in Central NC, and we had a nice rain shower around dusk, but it didn't really amount to much...a really hard shower, but no real accumulation of rain.  After supper, I pulled out my fiddle and started to practice my scales, Twinkle and Joy to the "standards".  I could hear slight rumblings off to the west, but nothing serious...but after about 10 minutes of playing. Wham!!  We had a really close lightning strike, and everything went black!  Power's out! I've heard of fiddling up a storm, but I had no idea I had such mojo.  I must have one powerful instrument!! What if I had put a rattler tail in there!  Imagine, I could have blacked out the east coast! (Hee-hee!!)

In all seriousness, it was really interesting playing in the dark.  My sweetie lit up some candles and lanterns while I continued my wasn't too hard to bow and finger the lower notes, but the two middle strings were very difficult to discern without light.  All in all, I thought it was a great exercise, and I can see why Dan Levenson talks about playing with your eyes closed.  Even though I don't focus on the strings when I play, I guess I'm seeing more than I thought.

My squeaky-ness is getting better, but re-appears quickly when I don't apply proper bowing strokes.  I can see how playing full volume really helps cause you can hear all your mistakes in intonation and bowing technique. It's getting better...slowly.  I just wish I could find more practice time! I need another few hours in each day to get everything done.  Ah, well.  I could have worse problems than too much work.  Looking forward to my next practice session...perhaps I can fiddle up some more rain tonight!

3 comments on “Fiddling up a storm”

bj Says:
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @4:17:38 PM

Playing with your eyes closed is REALLY important when you're starting out. It makes you depend on your ears rather than your eyes. Your ears will tell you how close or far away from the bridge you're bowing, whether your bow is tracking straight, and a lot of other information. Learn it. Use it.

Sassafrassa Says:
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @5:39:50 PM

Thanks, bj. I will do my best to keep my eyes away from my strings!

harwilli55 Says:
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @6:11:28 PM

My best defense for playing with my eyes shut was that I didn't have to see the terror in everyone else's faces :-D Remember when we were tiny children, and thought we could disappear by closing our eyes. It's a great way to disappear from the distractions of looking and being dependent on find this also in meditation and closing the eyes....we are freed from the bounds of distraction and able to focus inward......if you watch musicians who play from the will see them often close their eyes when their playing is the most expressive.....

Highly reccomend closing eyes....does wonders for learning...

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