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Thank you, Jane!

Posted by bj on Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got home today and walked into my living room and just stopped and stared at my newest gift from Jane. It's the painting that my avatar is cropped from.

Wow. Even more incredible in person, as all Jane's work is. I just hope some of you get to experience some of her paintings up close and personal someday. It's a real treat, and every bit as special as Jane's music.

I dropped by Jane's yesterday as she just finished a drop-dead stunning painting of the tiger lilies and wild grapevines in her backyard. I predicted that it would sell very quickly as we walked downtown so she could deliver it to Hrefna Jonsdottir's Gallery on Bridge Street in Lambertville. As I was writing this blogpost, the phone rang and it was Jane, letting me know that painting had already sold today. I'd like to say it was a psychic flash, but it wasn't. The painting was so incredible, it would have surprised me deeply if it had taken more than a couple weeks to sell. It really was a no-brainer.

Her incredible gift ALMOST made up for the fact that she wasn't in the mood to play music. Almost.

Okay, so I'm an addict. Shoot me. ;-)

And yeah, it's why I dropped in on Jane in the first place.

8 comments on “Thank you, Jane!”

BGT Says:
Sunday, June 13, 2010 @8:29:12 PM

That painting is compelling as most of what Jane does is. Those colors are a gift Jane has that few people possess. They always seem to say more than just color and subject matter, something ineffable that gets across in the most subtle way, like a whisper in the ear. I'm a big fan but I would never tell her..she would dismiss my compliment as being beside the point.

janepaints Says:
Monday, June 14, 2010 @5:03:09 AM

oh my advancing years (read: encroaching senility)
i've adopted new policies: say yes more often (to almost EVERYTHING) and worry less full-time, plus say this often and to many: i love you....and bee jay, i thought ya stopped over fer the veggies n' tuna salad....anyhow guess what? i met the neighbor gal who'd complained about the wild cherry tree, learned her (valid) reasons for wanting it trimmed, then heard a twang in her voice, inquired where she was from: missouri...and her beloved grandpa was an old-time fiddler...stay tuned as more develops on this late-breaking story (you'll meet her--she went gaga when she learned that you & i & others will be playing OT in my yard, maybe even have a music party.) and here i'd been (wrongly) envisioning crazy old maid busybody--instead, a lovely new friend. me am an idiot but hoppink to emproof as mutch as pozzibel lest i falll beehynd.

bj Says:
Monday, June 14, 2010 @4:03:21 PM

Does she have recordings of him?????

Mandogryl Says:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @2:50:21 AM

That is a lovely painting, from what I can see from you avatar.
I love the colors.

bj Says:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @4:44:27 AM

Steph, if you click the link in my blogpost, it leads to a photo of the whole painting.

Ozarkian DL Says:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @7:05:16 PM

You madam, are a lucky "Swan Maiden" to have such a friend.

bj Says:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @7:11:10 PM

Yes, I am. Even if I've never been near a swan in my whole life! LOL!

janepaints Says:
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @9:29:00 PM

everybody should get near a swan at least once in's humbling--they're HUGE and NASTY--should ya try to coo-coo baby-talk 'em. But treat as the superior species they are, and you'll get along just fine. I mean they're BIG birds.

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