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Time Marches on- New PR-30 mic, bridge tweaks, and health supplements.

Posted by fiddlepogo on Sunday, March 14, 2010

As some of you may have noticed in product reviews, I took delivery on a Heil PR30 Friday.

I like it even better than the PR35, which I liked a lot.

The PR35 is now my guitar and banjo mic.


Some forum posts inspired me to file on my bridges for the first time- it's amazing how little will have an effect, so I'm being very cautious.

Practice has been kind of lightweight lately- mostly just maintenance practice- I play my warm up tunes, they're sounding great, then I play a few more tunes and then get tired or distracted... I dunno what's up with that!!!

I started a new health regimen about a month ago- I'm taking glutamine supplements, and it seems to be helping a lot.  After having H1N1 in November, I came down with an intestinal infection in December that sure acted like diverticulitis, but I got checked out, and no little pockets were found.  But glutamine is supposed to be very good for the intestinal lining, the immune system, and the muscles and tendons, and it seems to be helping me in all those areas.  I've been skeptical of a lot of dietary supplements in the past, but this time I really seem to have found the right things.  Glutamine is one of the commonest amino acids, and the body supposedly synthesizes it, but if you are sick, older, or have poor nutrition (in my case due to allergies) it may not be enough, and the immune system and muscles can get into a tug of war about who gets the dwindling supplies.  Weight lifters often take it because if they overtrain, the muscles take what the immune system needs, and they get sick.  Even though I'm no weightlifter, I may have had something like that going on, because the infection would come on the worst after a long walk!!!!

7 comments on “Time Marches on- New PR-30 mic, bridge tweaks, and health supplements.”

M-D Says:
Monday, March 15, 2010 @7:06:31 AM

"Vitamin" D3 is essential for your immune system. It's what jump-starts it. And, it's essential to a variety of bodily functions.

l-glutamine is also indicated for neuropathy, especially as a side-effect from chemo.

When the body falls ill, that's your clue that there are issues that need addressing with-in. It's not simply that the body gets sick, then the symptoms must be treated.

bj Says:
Monday, March 15, 2010 @7:18:50 AM

Allergies are often the result of the body not being able to deal with toxicity of one sort or another. Heavy metal poisoning is most often the culprit, though pesticide accumulation, mold, candidas and other environmental factors can also be the culprits. Have you had toxicity tests done? it sounds like they're treating the symptoms instead of the cause, which, unfortunately, is the hallmark of western medicine.

Also, if you've been treated heavily with antibiotics, you're most likely WAY out of balance with candidas, which will flare up allergies even more.

Allergies are a SYMPTOM. Get rid of the cause and the allergies fade.

Do some reading. Heal thyself. Don't depend on the doctors to do it for you.

BC Says:
Monday, March 15, 2010 @8:12:10 AM

Hope you continue feeling better. Listen to bj, what she said is very true and hit home for me, which I'll blog about some day.

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, March 15, 2010 @4:33:48 PM

Well, I did have a toxicity test done years ago, I suspected that too, but after the allergies were already in full swing.
And it was negative on toxic metals. What tests DID show was that my mucous membranes are akaline.
And pollen is nearly always acidic. And when acidic pollen hits my alkaline mucous membranes, there is a pretty strong reaction, akin to a vinegar on soda reaction.

And I live in an area where the main crops are orchard crops.
It's not the pollen from one or two walnut trees, it's a pollen plume from thousands upon thousands of trees. Many people come to this area with mild or no allergies, and get some severe ones. Fortunately I only react to the walnuts, not the almonds.
But after the walnut pollen drops, a lot of other (non-orchard) trees start dropping pollen, and then I tend to react to all that from April through June.
However, I'm getting the sense that if my immune system is getting the glutamine it needs,
it is going to be less "touchy". That theory will be tested VERY soon... in a couple of weeks.

I have done some reading, will likely do more, and no I don't expect the docs to do it for me.
As soon as I fully go off the antibiotics, I'm gonna pump the probiotics to get my intestinal flora rebalanced.

Today I went for a LONG walk, longer than normal, great stamina, and I'm tired, but not wiped out afterwards... a very good sign!!!

I'm probably getting enough vitamin D3 from milk and sunshine.

tiquose Says:
Sunday, March 21, 2010 @4:44:11 PM

How and where does one get a toxicity test done?

bj Says:
Monday, March 22, 2010 @7:04:45 AM

If you're in an area where they fog all those pesticides on those fruit trees . . . that is more likely the issue than the pollen!!!!

Janet, most doctors can refer you to where toxicity tests can be performed. There is some self-diagnosis you can do. If your thumb nails look "corrugated" rather than smooth, that's a sign of excess heavy metal in your system. Most people here in PA have this, thanks to our lovely coal fired power plants spewing mercury into the air. Also, there was a report that came out recently that 100% of the freshwater fish tested contained mercury. That was from a sampling that spanned all parts of the US. Most saltwater fish also contains mercury. A school friend of mine who worked in a fish market for years had to have chelation therapy to detoxify him and he's still not right.

fiddlepogo Says:
Monday, March 22, 2010 @10:35:16 AM

As far as I know, they spray, not fog.
But it's DEFINITELY pollen for me... well, it's migrated into a lot of foods too.
The very first May here, some friends had to take me into the emergency for a severe asthma attack.
After the docs gave me an epinephrine shot, they told me I was most likely allergic to walnuts.
And I am- their pollen is more irritating and sneeze inducing than black pepper (which I'm also allergic to), and I've long since gotten allergic to the nut. One small bit of accidentally ingested walnut is enough to make me sick for 3 days!!!! Fortunately I don't have anaphylactic shock syndrome.

The toxicity test involves taking hair samples, and I think burning them and examining the ash.
But when the doc did the analysis of the results, the mercury was LOW- even though I have old mercury amalgam fillings! Those were what had me worried enough to do the test in the first place. He said I was high in magnesium, and there is apparently some balancing thing going on where high levels of good metals help flush out the bad ones.
So take those cal-mag-zinc tabs!!!
The corrugation of the nails can also be a sign of other things, like candida albicans overgrowth.

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