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Crooked Tune Heaven? or Hell?

Posted by bj on Saturday, November 7, 2009

After learning the Tom Bigbee Waltz the other night I started digging for more tunes that are usually played out of GDGD, since I won't go into a tuning for just two or three tunes, and I want to get a block of GDGD tunes together so I can introduce them at the jam.

Well, so far almost every one I've found that is normally played there is Crooked with a capital C. Yew Piney Mountain, Trouble on my Mind, Christmas Morning, Elk River Blues, Jenny In The Cotton Patch, Newt Payne, Jeff Sturgeon . . . geez, the only two I found that aren't, so far, are Pretty Little Shoes and Gimme A Chaw Of Tobacco.

Anybody got any suggestions for GDGD tunes that aren't Jam Busters? I love these crooked tunes and  I'm finally getting my head wrapped around them in a way that makes 'em playable, but my jam bunch can barely "get" Paddy on the Pike! If I throw them into a whole POOL  of crooked tunes the whole group of 'em will drown for sure!

11 comments on “Crooked Tune Heaven? or Hell?”

mudbug Says:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 @4:04:39 AM

Not only are you the cross-tuning queen, now you're shooting for the crooked tune queen. I admire the sheer volume of tunes that you seem to know!

Mandogryl Says:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 @7:13:40 AM

Yeah, you sure know ALOT of tunes. I envy that in you.
I have never played cross-tuned, but now that I have a second fiddle I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try. But I have enough on my hands in GDAE. AEAE seems to be a common Old-Time tuning.
I looked through the FIddler's Fakebook for 5 minutes, and found Roustabout.

carlb Says:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 @9:45:09 AM

In a previous topic, which you participated in, this was covered, I believe:

bj Says:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 @4:02:40 PM

Carl, that's AEAE. I'm looking for tunes that are natively played in GDGD. My AEAE list is fine.

I didn't know any tunes to speak of my first year in. I learned 'em all my second year in, and most of 'em in the last few months.

FiddleJammer Says:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 @8:00:19 PM

From Bruce Greene...
Five Miles of Elum Wood.

Two from Jake Crack...
Horney Ewe
Cows and Sheep Going to Pasture

Much of Harvey Sampson's repertoire, as I understand it, if you can find it.

Monday, November 9, 2009 @10:30:10 AM

Hey BJ, Lots of people, Jimmy Triplett for instance, play all their AEAE tunes in GDGD.... I also do that about 90% of the time... To say something is "natively" in GDGD, well, I'm not really sure if that means anything in particular in the world of OldTime... Consider also that it's fairly common for those very old recordings to be plus or minus a half step anyway... I don't play with others very much but when I do they generally just put a capo on, and continue to play in G, for A tunes... They seemed confused at first when I told them I was going to play an "A tune" in G... but once they understood that they could just skip the capo and continue to do what they would have done anyway, well, they admitted that they guessed it was alright for me to play my A-tunes in GDGD... and the most well known of my fiddle friends has now even come over to the dark side himself, playing all his AEAE tunes in GDGD..

bj Says:
Monday, November 9, 2009 @3:33:41 PM

LOL! You guys! I like playing AEAE tunes in . . . (drumroll here . . . ) AEAE!

Yes, you can play AEAE tunes in GDGD, but if truth be told, it's a different sound. And there are tunes that are native to that tuning and sound better in it. Yes, there really are! Those are the ones I'm looking for, and if there are a few non-crooked ones, even better!

bsed Says:
Monday, November 9, 2009 @5:36:51 PM

BJ--You listed a couple tunes that are more commonly played in the key of A (AEAE). But to answer your question about tunes that are "native" to GDGD, you should check out the recording that Dirk Powell & Tim O'Brian recorded that was INSPIRED by the movie Cold Mtn. I don't remember the name of it, but it sounds to me that a LOT of the tunes on there are in GDGD.

bosco Says:
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @4:42:40 AM

Believe me, bj. There are no such a thing GDGD tunes. There are only cross key tunes but different pitch. The tunes you listed here like Yew Piney Mountain, Trouble on my Mind, Christmas Morning, Jeff Sturgeon are all AEAE tunes and Elk River Blues, Jenny In The Cotton Patch and Gimme A Chaw Of Tobacco are G tunes in standard tuning.

bj Says:
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @5:06:31 AM

Lester McCumbers places Yew Piney Mountain in GDGD and says it was traditionally played there. There are a couple other tunes that have been documented by the academic types as traditionally GDGD tunes (I think it was Jeff Titon maybe?) And then there's the Salyer stuff.

Phyddlyr Says:
Thursday, November 12, 2009 @3:28:49 PM

The only rule is...........
There are no rules!!

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