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Scottish Fiddling and Alasdair Fraser

Posted by fiddlerdi on Sunday, September 30, 2007

Having just returned from a concert featuring Alisdair and Natalie Hass., I have spent the last couple of hours continuously playing Scottish tunes that he plays and a few I made up in his style. What is it about certain music and performers that just seem to steal your soul from your body and take you to places unknown? I have the Fire & Grace CD on right now. It seems I cannot get enough of it and I have become entranced  with that style for the moment. The weird part is that I seem to almost be channeling this music into my hands from ? who knows. I don't play Scottish music and I like irish but rarely get the chance to play it so what' up with that ?

Well anyway, as I finaly stand up and find my toes have fallen asleep from sitting and playing so long, I would most highly recommend that if you haven't heard this man and Natalie (who plays cello to accompany him) you must.

Just blows me away....back to playing, seriously additcted to this today. Ever have these moments?

6 comments on “Scottish Fiddling and Alasdair Fraser”

FiddlerFaddler Says:
Sunday, September 30, 2007 @11:29:26 PM

Be sure to post the stuff you made up -- we'd like to hear it!

Pantera02 Says:
Monday, October 1, 2007 @3:06:35 PM

I agree with FiddlerFaddler. Post! And it was an outstanding concert! I doubt there was an unplayed fiddle in Lawrence of the fiddlers who attended the concert after he was done. Everyone probably went home and tried some Scottish fiddling! (I sure did!) I really enjoy the Fire and Grace CD. It has some wonderful songs. The live performance just served to drive home even more how beautiful the fiddle sounds--and when you combine it with the cello and make that harmony like they!