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So I've joined another messageboard.

Posted by seisflutes on Friday, August 24, 2007

Namely this one. Hi to anyone reading this. If you play Irish music, I'd like to hear from you. From what I've seen so far, we seem to be in a minority around here, is that right? I'm actually a fairly decent flute and uilleann pipes player. Fiddle seemed impossible at first, but I'm "getting it" a lot more recently. Bowing still trips me up sometimes, but less and less. I have some hope to be a fairly decent fiddler someday! A couple things I LOVE about the fiddle: 1. You can tune it differently (for instance, down to B or Bb), rather than having to buy a whole separate instrument (like a low flute or flat set of pipes). 2. It had a G string, so one doesn't have to fudge notes below D! Also it's all chromatic, so you can play in Dm and all those keys that don't work so well on flute or pipes. I'm enjoying those things immensely.

4 comments on “So I've joined another messageboard.”

OTJunky Says:
Saturday, August 25, 2007 @10:41:57 AM

Welcome aboard!

Yes, Irish players have been in the minority so far, but we've been hoping some would join.  To have one who's also an uilleann pipe player is an embarrassment of riches.

Now we can have some knowledgeable  comments on Sligo fiddling to straighten out some of the guesses we've made so far.  There's already a thread on the Forum entitled "Where are the Fifers" that wound up wandering into uilleann pipes and flutes.