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ChickenMan - Posted - 11/04/2015:  19:25:59

October was a quiet month - I hope some of you are still stopping by (or lurking) on occasion.  

Sorry I'm late this month - Here are the randomly selected tunes from the Milliner - Koken Collection at the Slippery Hill site. First is #138 Cold Frosty Morning from the playing of Melvin Wine.  M-K says it is tuned AEae.  

Not to be confused with one of a similar name by Henry Reed (modal) or the much less familiar one by Stephen B. Tucker (a cool 6/8 tune). Fiddler's Companion says very little about this version of the tune other than it is a variance of the Reed version.  I don't hear it.

Next is #371 Cruel Willie from the playing of Howdy Forrester tuned DDad.  Fiddler's Companion says the tune was learned from Arthur Smith by Howdy and that it often gets erroneously attributed to Howdy.

To my ears, Cruel Willie sounds a lot like other DDad tunes, most notably Dry and Dusty.  I like the plucked notes.

AndyDean is once again called upon to provide the third selection.

ChickenMan - Posted - 11/04/2015:  19:39:49

Howdy's full recording of Cruel Willie.

Jimmy Triplett (studied with Melvin) doing a fine version of Cold Frosty Morning

VIDEO: Howdy Forrester - Cruel Willie
(click to view)

VIDEO: Cold Frosty Morning
(click to view)

chopsy - Posted - 11/05/2015:  12:15:45

really liking Cruel Willie...  and I only have two other DDad tunes so a third certainly would be useful.  been a while since I submitted but I'm going to commit to at least one this month :)  

hendrid - Posted - 11/05/2015:  12:49:51

Some Cold Frosty Morning or Frosty Morning discussion and such on the, also some versions in our fho music files and quite a number of videos on

Edited by - hendrid on 11/05/2015 12:53:03

ChickenMan - Posted - 11/05/2015:  13:11:24

I never found a discussion on The Session to ever make much sense, like half the comments are missing or something ☺and the other half are just cracking wise.
They appear to be talking about Henry Reed's version, but since I'm not fluent in ABC, I could be wrong. This version is pretty much exclusive to Melvin Wine.

andydean - Posted - 11/06/2015:  08:32:16

Well, a few weeks ago I saw Spencer and Rains at the Austin String Band Festival and I loved hearing them play "The Lost Girl" and have subsequently been wearing it out on the Texas tunes volume 2 CD, so that will be my pick. 

The jacket of the CD gives the source as Lake Porter of Falfurrias, TX and it's tuned AEAE. Here's a video of them playing it.

Edited by - andydean on 11/06/2015 08:33:26

groundhogpeggy - Posted - 11/14/2015:  06:12:10

Hoping I can get the chance to get in on this one!  Cruel Willie sounds awesome, though probably not a nice

pdfarrell - Posted - 11/21/2015:  11:53:38


Here is my Cold Frosty Morning.

ChickenMan - Posted - 12/03/2015:  16:50:25

Better late than sorry
Cruel Willie, ladies and gentlemen. Recorded in two takes with my Android (provided a digital skip midway, thank you). A big shout out to Garage Band for providing the relentless string section.

Cruel Willie


christym - Posted - 05/25/2016:  17:14:45

Several months late, but here are some slowed down loops that may be helpful for learning Melvin's bowing on Cold Frosty Morning:



christym - Posted - 05/31/2016:  12:53:35

... another late entry :) ...

Edited by - christym on 05/31/2016 12:59:16

christym - Posted - 06/01/2016:  15:28:18

Replacing that last link with this so it's not on the front page of the hangout for so long....

Edited by - christym on 06/01/2016 15:29:31

ChickenMan - Posted - 06/01/2016:  19:33:38

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