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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: On the stand or in the case?

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stumpkicker - Posted - 06/25/2022:  20:48:07

I am sure that this subject has been covered before, but I am just wondering. Do you tend to leave your violin in the case or do you leave it on the stand for easy access? And if you leave it out of the case, does it make the strings wear out faster? Normally, I leave my fiddle out on a stand; and I change my strings twice a year. Once just before festival season starts, and then late September when it’s pretty much over.


Edited by - stumpkicker on 06/25/2022 20:49:04

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 06/25/2022:  22:07:34

I always put my fiddle and bow back in the case when I'm not going to play it for a while. The instrument is just too tiny and fragile. It's been painfully adjusted by folks who aren't especially cheap. Whenever I change the strings I do it one string off-and-then-on at a time. On those rare occasions when I adjust the position of the bridge I lower the tension of the strings just enough to allow me to do it. By comparison, yes I'm still nervous when I do it, but more than a few times I've opened my piano to sand the dampers and to tune strings that have fallen out of pitch. And of course, I have no reticence with changing my guitar strings.

DougBrock - Posted - 06/25/2022:  22:17:18

My violin family instruments are all on the wall in my music room (well, not the cello - the cello is on a stand), open for my admiration and for quick access. I have no idea if string life is affected.

doryman - Posted - 06/25/2022:  22:35:04

I keep the instruments I play regularly on a stand. The ones I don't play much are in cases. There is probably a correlation between those two things.

kjb - Posted - 06/26/2022:  04:15:40

on the wall, all 20 or so of them 

Edited by - kjb on 06/26/2022 04:16:21

rosinhead - Posted - 06/26/2022:  04:21:47

For me, it is all about humidity. During the cooler months they stay in their cases. After things heat up outside I keep a couple of them out.
I can't say I notice any string degradation due to just having them out.

UsuallyPickin - Posted - 06/26/2022:  04:42:43

In my hands or in the case. Quality luthier work is expensive. Humidity is easier to control in a case than in a room. I figure I add four or maybe five minutes to practice time getting out and putting away an instrument. R/

coryobert - Posted - 06/26/2022:  07:02:03


Originally posted by UsuallyPickin

In my hands or in the case.

Same here. I've heard too many horror stories, plus I think it helps even out the wild humidity swings that we have here. I doubt that it has any effect on the strings either way.

Edited by - coryobert on 06/26/2022 07:05:46

Brian Wood - Posted - 06/26/2022:  07:38:26

Hanging on the wall or on my desk top ready to grab. This is a wood shop, where I build fiddles and cabinets and other things. Everything gets exposed to saw dust. Funny to see peoples reactions to that. Saw dust isn't dirt. I love wading through it on the floor and sweeping up at the end of the day. Very clean. Blow it off. Fiddles always ready to play.

Old Scratch - Posted - 06/26/2022:  08:34:19

Mine sits on top of the piano when it's not being played. Right now, actually, there are a couple sitting there and another in the case, where it will likely stay till my next gig (Tuesday). If I had to take a fiddle out of the case and put it back in every time I played it, well, I wouldn't do much playing, I'm afraid .........

Swing - Posted - 06/26/2022:  08:36:16

Just put the stand in the case and your fiddler under your chin

Play Happy


Earworm - Posted - 06/26/2022:  17:23:59

I have a cat who aspires to be a musician. Fiddle bows are nice and springy on the stand too. I have 2 fiddles, and when I’m not playing, they nest nicely in their case.

ChickenMan - Posted - 06/26/2022:  17:56:47

Case, because humidity. Air conditioning and dry heat both are bad for wood instruments.

farmerjones - Posted - 06/26/2022:  19:27:51

Strangely, all my guitars, banjer, mandolin, all on stands. While the fiddle is in the case. Who wants to play fiddle anyways?smiley

LukeF - Posted - 06/26/2022:  20:18:32

I keep my fiddle and bow on a stand. In the past I used to experience broken bow hairs quite frequently, until I mentioned it to my luthier. He explained the reason for the broken hairs was due to dust mites in the case. From that day on, I have kept my bow on a stand with the fiddle, and haven't had a broken bow hair since.

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