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farmerjones - Posted - 07/30/2020:  15:16:05

So like about a week ago i got a mailorder 4 string fretted electric bass guitar.
Watched a few youtube videos.
Found a bass neck diagram i could print out and mark up.
Used my looper pedal to lay down guitar chord progressions in the keys of G, D, A, E, & C.
Took the bass to a small jam.
It went OK. Best part was, the jam was small enough i didn't matter. If that makes sense?

Anywho. . . the bass forums i've browsed seem pop/rock-centric. I understand. I find it interesting how technique changes with music genre. So Bass Hangout or not, to me, it seems more important to discuss musical ideas with others of roughly the same genre/style.
FWIW i looked into piano seconding (for fiddle) with not much success a year ago. Maybe there would be interest in others seeking fiddle comping discussion and experiences. Lord knows, it's one of my frustrations. If i'm comping i can't be fiddlin, and if i'm fiddlin i can't be comping. Well?

TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/30/2020:  15:25:48

I wonder.. If you post topics on the NON fiddle Forum..? you might be surprised how good of a response you'd get.. I'll bet that there a l lot of musicians on this Hangout that also play bass.."try'll like it"..

farmerjones - Posted - 07/30/2020:  17:06:47

Gosh Lee, i can't do it. It's agin the rules. I think it's cross posting

TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/30/2020:  18:59:18


Originally posted by farmerjones

Gosh Lee, i can't do it. It's agin the rules. I think it's cross posting

Respectfully, I disagree with you on that.  You are making a general inquiry here about a bass hangout. On another forum you can ask a bass related question and I don't think that that would be a violation ... Look, if we can have a discussion about Covid-19 on the Not Fiddle Related forum, then we can discuss bass playing......really..  go for it !!!!


mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 07/30/2020:  20:04:12

Figure this chart out and you will be half way to being a bassist.

ChickenMan - Posted - 07/31/2020:  03:50:29

I posted a thread yesterday.

farmerjones - Posted - 08/02/2020:  09:29:21

This is a test go see if my email is connected via the subscription widget.

farmerjones - Posted - 08/02/2020:  09:41:25

Maybe it notifies on the next post?

DougD - Posted - 08/02/2020:  10:30:36

I've enjoyed a lot of the videos from "Reina del Cid" and her musical pal Toni Lindgren, in addition to being a fine guitarist, is also quute a wiz on the upright and electric bass, like this:
I'm posting this because awhile back you were puzzling about the open strings and fingerings. In my electric bass career I didn't find the open strings too useful (unlike the upright) unless you were looking for big, long, sustained notes. I found the sweet spot to be from about the 5th to the 10th fret or so, like Toni is playing in this video.

farmerjones - Posted - 08/02/2020:  12:47:10

Thanks much for your interest Doug,

I'm facing a roadblock. I've got the action just about as low as it can get. Yet my left little finger isn't strong enough. It's strong enough for fiddle, but not for bass. Once upon a time i could break the jaws on a pair of pliers. Worked a great deal of manual labor over the years. I keep hoping just repetative playing will help. I guess i'll give it a few monthes.

As far as the music side, it's coming along great. Although one doesn't typically play chords on a bass per se, chord theory is a great thing to have, because chord arpegios are definately what a bassist works with.

It just ain't natural yet. I would expect as much after the few hours i've played. I know all the old jokes, "it's one hard weekend to learn bass, etc."  But my respect goes out to good bassists. It's just such a gas playing with a good bassist.  

Edited by - farmerjones on 08/02/2020 12:55:58

ChickenMan - Posted - 08/02/2020:  14:30:26

What're you using you little finger for? I've never found I need it much.

farmerjones - Posted - 08/02/2020:  15:30:30


Originally posted by ChickenMan

What're you using you little finger for? I've never found I need it much.

If you're playing a root/5th bass line, key of C, & D (there's more but these imediately come to mind) I realize one can play key of D on open strings, but muting/damping techniques on upright bass is different. Watch Lee Sklar vids.

Edited by - farmerjones on 08/02/2020 15:33:14

DougD - Posted - 08/04/2020:  15:06:55

Steve - Is your instrument defective in that the action can't be lowered? Maybe you should exchange it. Toni Lindgren doesn't seem to have trouble using her pinkie, and she has a pretty delicate touch.

The last bass gig I had I brought in my Musicmaster and compared it to the theatre's Mexican P-bass. The sound guys said either would work, so I went with theirs since they would have to take care of it. But first it went to my bandmate's shop to have the setup adjusted. It was always easy to play, although I prefer the shorter scale. Here's my little "nest" for that show:

Edited by - DougD on 08/04/2020 15:08:26

farmerjones - Posted - 08/04/2020:  20:22:18

Set my neck relief at the thickness of a business card. Doesn't buzz, unless you realy wang on it. I think it's gonna be okay. There's enough ambient noise that you hardly hear my built-in tremolo. It's a neurological thing. If i'd quit all my bad habits it may get better. But, it may not. I think, why chance it?smiley

Edited by - farmerjones on 08/04/2020 20:22:48

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