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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Ukulele Hangout

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TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/21/2020:  12:35:15

Yesterday, from southern Indiana, I mailed a banjo ukulele to my niece who lives in northern Indiana via regular USPS..I mailed it in the afternoon..TODAY it arrived.. Pretty fast, I'd say..
Anyway, there are so many ukulele players these days that maybe it is time for a Ukulele Hangout???

BanjoBrad - Posted - 07/21/2020:  14:36:58

ezFolk used to be a great uke hangout (with a lot of other instruments as well), but Richard had to cut it back and now has a nice "learn ukulele" with videos and tabs as the major page on the ezFolk site.  Check it out.


DougD - Posted - 07/21/2020:  14:54:21

There have been other uke sites, including Ukulele Underground and the Ukulele Cosmos. I used to be pretty active on the Cosmos before I joined over here. I'm thinking of returning, but I don't know if its still going or not.
I wonder if this latest ukulele wave hasn't already crested.

Edited by - DougD on 07/21/2020 14:55:15

TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/21/2020:  17:27:27

Our local music stores can't keep ukuleles on the shelf.. Still pretty popular.

ChickenMan - Posted - 07/22/2020:  04:12:12

Definitely still popular. Before the covid-19 crisis, I was teaching uke classes through the university here. Beginner classes (6 people at a time) were always full with a waiting list. I taught either 2 beginner classes or a beginner and an intermediate class each semester.

Ukulele Underground is still up and running.

Lonesome Fiddler - Posted - 07/22/2020:  15:26:41

I'm in Uke Central. I walk down the street and listen to a succession of uke players strumming from their porches. Chances are better than 50-50 there'll be a uke player playing & singing at a local restaurant or bar. I probably mentioned this in another post but my wife plays a mahog Martin uke her dad bought at the Honolulu Sears prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. I've got a koa uke bought new in Kona. Trouble is, I'd much rather be playing my fiddle.

farmerjones - Posted - 07/22/2020:  16:09:35

2 reasons i can't get into ukalleleys.
1. I'm too heavy to ride a moped.
2. My hair is too long for the man-bun.
2.5. I've already started learning another pseudo-instrument. (bass)

Obvious or not, this is meant to be a joke. Now, it's up to other's in the uke-know to help me out with more funny stereotypes. Thanks

TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/22/2020:  16:12:27

Ok Steve.. If you are a fan of Arthur Godfrey or TIny TIm ( or even know who these guys are) then you may qualify as a member of a Ukulele club..

farmerjones - Posted - 07/22/2020:  16:29:17

Yep, i too is that old.

I play every tues. Night with a bar.uke player. That guy knows more chords than Carter had pills. (oldster reference)

 Mandolin players have a despised uke-like strum, called the waka-waka.  Anyway, i play Tiny Bubbles, waka-waka style. 

Edited by - farmerjones on 07/22/2020 16:33:07

ChickenMan - Posted - 07/23/2020:  03:37:39

Liver pills

BanjoBrad - Posted - 07/23/2020:  10:35:40

"Carter's LITTLE Liver Pills"

(radio commercials, btv)

TuneWeaver - Posted - 07/27/2020:  14:19:42


Originally posted by ChickenMan

Liver pills

Is it an old time tune?  laugh  I'll research it..


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