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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Canadian Fiddle Tune - Le 24th Juin

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peakfiddler - Posted - 11/12/2007:  18:03:39

I first heard this great tune played by the Maine fiddle player, Don Roy. He plays a masterly version on his Kennedy Centre Webcast.

I decided I would record my own version a couple of weeks ago, after I discovered the music in the 'Portland Collection - Book 2'.

I added some guitar and bass just to give a slightly fuller sound.
I only joined this forum today and thought it would be fun to share this recording with you.

Cheers and good fiddling

Swing - Posted - 11/12/2007:  19:31:44

Vin Quatre de Juin is a great tune written by Phillip Brunneau, a button accordian player of Quebec City, Canada... now living in France..... it was written for a religious holiday celebrated in Quebec. Don Roy does a masterful job of playig this tune and any other that he does. I highly recommend listening to more of Phillip's works and his playing.

The one thing about this tune... the structure is known as a Galope.... and it should not be played as fast as a reel.... but rather toward the slow side of things, but not an aire..... The first transcription of this tune was written in the key of A.... as it was taken from a poor tape recording that was played back too fast.... the tune was written in the keys of G and G minor.

There are some other very nice recordings of this tune... The Buttons and Bows ablum from Ireland has a very nice rendition of this ...I believe the McManus Brothers....

I forgot to add...very nice job of playing the tune

Play Happy


Edited by - Swing on 11/12/2007 19:33:06

Dick Hauser - Posted - 11/13/2007:  10:29:11

l enjoyed hearing the tune. If you don't mind my asking, how many parts are there to the tune, and how many measures long is it ? I will have to look for the notation for the tune. I swore off buying any more fiddle books for a while. I am a fiddle bookaholic and have to get things under control. The book you mentioned is about the only one I don't have.

Like I said, I enjoyed hearing the fiddle work. In addition, the accompaniment was very good. Your backup work really complimented the fiddling.


TimK - Posted - 11/13/2007:  10:50:55

I've not heard that one before. Good tune, nicely done !


Wrangle up yer mouth parts, drag yer banjer out, tune yer ole geetar till it twangs right stout, for the snow is on the mountain and the wind is on the plain, and we'll cut the chimny's moanin with a livelier refain.

Swing - Posted - 11/13/2007:  10:53:00

Dick, I can help you here... there are only three sections and it is played AA,BB,CC,BB,AA

The A and C sections are in the key of Gmajor, and the B section is in the key of Gminor.

Once you have the tune memorized the lilting of the tune is very natural...

Play Happy


peakfiddler - Posted - 11/13/2007:  15:46:44

Thanks, Swing - for the additional information about this tune. You are quite right about the order of the A's and B's. I changed it to AA, BB, CC because I play it for ceilidh dances which require a 48bar reel.
I must try to get hold of some of Phillip Brunneau's recordings to hear how he played this tune and others that he has composed.

Dick, the Portland Collection books 1& 2 are really worth buying because there are CD's to accompany each one that are very well produced and good to listen to.

Swing - Posted - 11/13/2007:  15:53:53

peakfiddler... go to Guy Bouchard's website (in english) Thirty Below...just go to my homepage, I have several websites etc listed... he has many recording to choose from.... you will enjoy...the selection....

Play Happy


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