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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tune Of The Week Guidelines and Index

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.fiddlehangout.com/archive/14039

FiddleCat - Posted - 04/04/2010:  15:35:55

Here is an index of the Tunes of the Week. I'll update this as each one becomes available.


1. 04/04/2010 -- Soldier's Joy, provided by lrhamp

2. 04/12/2010 -- Glory In The Meeting House provided by fiddlerdi

3. 04/19/2010 -- Cumberland Gap provided by John Gent

4. 04/26/2010 -- Maiden's Prayer provided by maeto

5. 05/10/2010 -- RedWing provided by albert52

6. 05/17/2010 -- Arkansas Traveler provided by Susan H

7. 05/24/2010 -- Sourwood Mountain provided by cstewart

8. 05/30/2010 -- Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes provided by wormbower

9. 06/07/2010 -- Skunk in the Collard Patch provided by jefferylong

10. 06/14/2010 -- Turkey in tha Straw provided by Ozarkian D.L

11. 06/21/2010 -- Home with the Girls in the Morning provided by SueH

12. 06/28/2010 --Going Across the Sea provided by ChickenMan

13. 07/05/2010 -- Purple Lilies Polka provided by BanjoBrad

14. 07/12/2010 -- Shannon Waltz provided by Fusiontune's

15. 07/19/2010 -- Cherokee Shuffle provided by vrteceach's

16. 07/25/2010 -- Whiskey Before Breakfast provided by FiddleCat

17. 08/01/2010 -- Trouble on the Mind provided by Wormbower

18. 08/09/2010 -- Wes Muir's Tune provided by bsed

19. 08/16/2010 -- I Do Like Liqour provided by Midwest_Fiddler

20. 08/22/2010 -- Sugar Tree Stomp provided by Runaway

21. 08/29/2010 -- Willow Waltz provided by wormbower

22. 09/05/2010 -- Bonaparte's Retreat provided by Andah1andah2

23. 09/12/2010 -- Santa Rosa Processiona provided by bsed

24. 10/17/2010 -- Possum on a Rail provided by robinja

25. 10/24/2010 -- Hamilton's Special Breakdown provided by fiddledan

Edited by - FiddleCat on 10/26/2010 02:27:42

wormbower - Posted - 04/04/2010:  16:57:29

Guidelines to Tune of the Week

Everyone at the Fiddle Hangout is encouraged to be a Tune of the Week volunteer. Here’s what you have to do:

1. CONTACT Michael Denaro (dancinbear62@optonline.net) and let him know you can do a Tune of the Week.

2. Come up with a tune or song. It doesn't matter if it is common or uncommon, but should be interesting (see # 6). Check the Index to make sure your tune choice hasn’t been done recently.

3. At the beginning of your appointed week (preferably on Sunday, but please no later than Monday), start a new TOTW topic in the Playing Advice forum. Please format the topic of your thread using this example: TOTW - 4/30/10 - Soldier's Joy. (The date should be in U.S. format – month/date/year). You may run out of space for some tune titles.

4. Provide several links to versions in any of the following formats: sound, video, standard notation, or tablature. There is no requirement for any of these formats, but as many as possible is good. It's also fine to list favorite CDs, DVDs, or books.

5. Monitor your topic so that you can help with any discussion that might develop.

6. Tunes can be interesting for many reasons. They may be commonly known tunes--but what is the history behind them? They may be rare chestnuts--where did you learn of it? They may just be fun to play. They may have odd titles or amusing lyrics. They may be associated with a particular tuning or be useful for demonstrating a particular technique. They may just mean something to you personally.

(With thanks and apologies to vrteach, who helped make TOTW so popular at the Banjo Hangout.)

Edited by - wormbower on 07/05/2010 15:13:30

tiquose - Posted - 04/04/2010:  19:30:54

FiddleCat, you're a dear. Hope you have lots of fun with this!

FiddleCat - Posted - 04/04/2010:  19:52:19

Once I get the hang of it I think it will be fun!

I hope to lean lots about the history and origins of the tunes too. Not just the names and how to play them as I have been in the past. This will be a great resource for all of us who are just starting out. And for those to add more information about tunes they didn't already know.

mateo - Posted - 04/04/2010:  21:49:43


Edited by - mateo on 04/04/2010 21:51:19

mswlogo - Posted - 04/05/2010:  21:22:42

I used to do picture of the week on a photo forum it was fun.

What they did is the moderator would pick a dozen or so top picks. Especially ones that stayed to the theme (sunset, water etc.)

Then everyone would vote on those top picks. This made it managable by moderator pruning the list.

It was very well done and a lot of fun.

Edited by - mswlogo on 04/05/2010 21:23:51

brya31 - Posted - 04/10/2010:  08:26:54

Soldiers Joy was certainly a good start. I already learned some new stuff!

Ozarkian D.L. - Posted - 05/22/2010:  10:11:47

I'd like to see a list of pending TOTW's with date, titles & poster. This would give preparation time & hopefully encourage participation.

wormbower - Posted - 05/22/2010:  13:28:11

Originally posted by Ozarkian D.L.

I'd like to see a list of pending TOTW's with date, titles & poster. This would give preparation time & hopefully encourage participation.

IMHO, one of the fun aspects about TOTW is that each week the new tune is a surprise. It might be helpful to have a list of available or filled slots, but I'd like to keep the posters, and especially the upcoming tunes, as a surprise.


dancinbear - Posted - 05/25/2010:  03:52:12

I have been posting the upcoming filled weeks on the other TOTW thread. I'll start putting it here since it seems folks aren't noticing it.

wormbower - May 31
jefferylong - June 7th
ozarkian d. l. - June 14th

dancinbear - Posted - 06/07/2010:  15:42:49


Any takers?

dancinbear - Posted - 07/19/2010:  14:13:11

Well folks I may have a volunteer for TOTW next week. After that everything is up for grabs. Send me an email with the week you would like to take.

Don't let it die now...

dancinbear - Posted - 07/20/2010:  11:51:16

Come on folks, sign right up...

Tartan Tundra Fiddler - Posted - 09/12/2010:  15:12:48

I'll sign up to do this as soon as I can stop thinking that TOTW stands for Taste of the Wild (a dog food). Oh yeah, my other passion online is dogs!

Butterfly - Posted - 02/02/2011:  17:54:52

Wow. This is great. I am new, so I don't have a big song collection yet. Thank those of you who are posting these!

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