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Oct 29, 2022 - 2:22:57 PM
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At an Agusta Old Time Week many years ago there were several bashful musicians and they were afraid to approach the mic.. THe instructor told them that "these are special mics.. the closer you are to them, the less you will be heard.."laugh A few of the musicians fell for that..

Oct 30, 2022 - 2:40:51 AM

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Originally posted by ChickenMan

Technical jargon/semantics.

Experience tells me the mic can "hear" (and thus amplify the sound) from at least 4 feet away.

I didn't say your, or anyone's mic can't  - ("hear" (and thus amplify the sound) from at least 4 feet away). I'm unaware of any stage mic that can't; nor why they wouldn't be able to. Inverse square law states should, and even hear sound from more distance, as previous link How far away will my microphone pick up? ( mentioned most mics can "hear" a howling wolf at 1/2 mile away; so for music instruments or voices that 4 feet is not problem in itself. Similar, all cardioid mics pick up off-axis at 90 degrees (by definition). 

What I was pointing out is fixating on idea of how far will a mic "reach" in feet is not really useful. Nor is it's sensitivity.

Just suggestions... for those whose goal to learn how to get most out tools, better control, and help deal with potential issues folks run into in sound equip/set up. No obligation to have that goal... can just plug any mic in and get what you get. (always rely age old shift blame, equip, room, or esp to sound man)

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Oct 30, 2022 - 10:35:01 AM
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Not sure if it's the strumming or the drums but I agree the music has a cajuny train feel that doesn't do much for me, but hey... it looks like they're having fun.

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