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Dec 2, 2021 - 3:53:33 PM



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When I started with the fiddle two years ago, I had a "no name" wood bow that came with the GEWA fiddle outfit that I bought from the "Bluegrass Shack" and a $35.00 Kmise carbon fiber bow I bought on Amazon.   They both weighed 61 grams.   I still play the Kmise bow and in fact, liked it so much I bought a spare.   The wood bow sounded fine but was "tiresome" to play for the lack of a better term.   The wood bow "played heavy".   The Kmise plays "light".   I think that the wood bow has more hair and it's a wider width of hair.   I think that perhaps the wider band of hair just has more drag.  I use the same rosin (Magic or Kaplan Dark) on both bows and don't over rosin.


I kind of ran into the same situation when I bought a Coda NX.  Compared to the Kmise the NX played "heavier" and I realized I preferred the Kmise as it seemed lighter and played with greater ease.      The tone with the NX was slightly better than the Kmise but, I didn't care for the giant thumb pad on the NX so sold it to a friend.   I think there is more hair and/or more width on the NX.  

On a lark, I bought a JonPaul Fusion carbon fiber bow before I sold the NX and really liked the bow.   It plays with more ease than the NX so I'm glad I "down graded".  It plays with the same ease as the Kmise but has better tone.  The Fusion is C.F. with a covering of Permambuco.  That fact was not a reason for me to buy the bow.  I don't care what it looks like.   If it were black carbon fiber, that would have been just fine as long as it handled the same.

How would one go about thinning and/or narrowing the hair width on the no name wood bow?   I think it would be a good backup if it didn't play "heavy" so I might give it a "hair cut" if I can do it without ruining the bow.

I think the Kmise is a heck of a value in fiddle bows and I can easily change between it and the Fusion.   I like both and figure my quest to find a great bow is at an end.   I like it when low cost options work out so well.

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