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Jan 17, 2021 - 10:49:48 AM
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As some of you know I've been in the cross tuned world since the pandemic hit us and no longer able to attend weekly jams. Fooling around with all kinds of stuff I was afraid to try when I first picked up the fiddle 8 years back. Cold Frosty Morning was one of the first tunes I learned, in standard, as was everything I learned back then. Yesterday I thought it was time to try it in sawmill (AEAE). Took awhile to get the new fingering down, but somehow, even with all the new the drones, it sounded kinda' screechy to my ear. So, I switched over to a $25 tag sale fiddle, one that was in pieces when I bought it. I keep this fiddle in FCFC cuz' I really like the low, growly sound it has with that tuning. I use StrumMachine for backup and switched the key to Fm not knowing what to expect. Well, the recording sounded sorta' good so I thought I'd run it up the FHO Sound Off flagpole to see what you guys think.

Lemme' know

Jan 17, 2021 - 4:14:46 PM
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I liked it.  Sounded better than "sorta good" for sure.

Jan 17, 2021 - 6:54:44 PM
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Cool old timey sound, Rich! I like the low and growly tuning. Sounds good.

Jan 17, 2021 - 11:14:50 PM
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Beautiful sound! And beautiful cat in fiddle case too.... :-)

Jan 18, 2021 - 5:25:35 AM

11700 posts since 9/23/2009

Yes, Paolo, good thought to comment on the cat...beautiful cat. Every cat or dog should have access to an instrument case for

Jan 20, 2021 - 4:41:11 PM

132 posts since 9/17/2017

I been playing this tune recently in standard. I like the sound you're getting. I'm gonna try it. I play it a bunch faster. I should try slowing it down too.

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