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Nov 7, 2020 - 5:39:54 AM

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Rich don't use any glue for installing Perfection tuners...that's what I've got now and no glue invovled. You have to get a peg reamer and fit them. my old neck of the woods they call it Pentacostal G. But speaking of that, you reminded me of what I know as G modal...that's mainly banjo or dulcimer-speak, when you call it modal, but's just tunes that fall outside of typical scales a into modes. I've found that for me at least, if I wanna fiddle in modal, and I'm in sawmill...either G or A or whatever...if I scoot my fingers up into 2nd position playing, which took me forever to learn to I've got my modal notes easily available to me. Like in Frosty in second position to have those notes handy and easy, then you do have to slide down to 1st to end the phrases, etc. Same with stuff like Boll Weevil, etc., any of those tunes where you'd put the banjo in modal or put the dulcimer in one specific mode or the other to find the out good in sawmill in 2nd position for me...and it might work out the same in other crosstunings...I heard of old mountaineer fiddlers who had "special" fingerings and I'm bettin' at this point that's what that was all about. Betcha 50 cents.

Rich is really a shame that people aren't open to messin' with tunings. I found the same when I was in our little band and we'd show up at local jams to try to just let people know we existed...people were horrified at the idea. One of the rare "Old Time" jams we went to...this guy who's supposedly the old time fiddling expert in this whole area here covering three states...I figured I was safe cross tuning...we played the Pig's Foot in the Fire tune and I was in GDGD...knowing the tune is normally played in G...well...he spotted that I was doing things differently...when the tune was over he was like..."What in the world were you doing?" Told him I was in GDGD and he acted like I'd just stepped off the plane from Mars...he was like..."Oh that's weird, nobody ever does that..." So...yeah, it's really a shame they won't even think about it.

Nov 7, 2020 - 5:59:36 AM
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I do have Perfection Pegs on 2 of my fiddles. Though when I play a gig I still keep 2 fiddles on stage for smooth transitions. It's just so much easier. Be careful though, there's nothing that will wake you up faster than launching into a tune with the wrong fiddle.

Nov 7, 2020 - 7:01:37 AM
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Originally posted by groundhogpeggy

Rich don't use any glue for installing Perfection tuners...that's what I've got now and no glue invovled. You have to get a peg reamer and fit them.

Have you read the installation instructions? They call for the threaded side to be glued.

I'm not crazy about the idea of threading a peg into the pegbox. It's much more likely to cause problems, and removal is much more difficult. Also, the one side bears all the pressure while the other floats in the hole. 

Wittner pegs fit like traditional pegs, and they can be removed easily. It's very important to me as a luthier to  do things that are reversible. I'm not entirely against using Pegheds or Perfection pegs, but I would always recommend Wittners first. 

Nov 7, 2020 - 8:41:36 AM

11840 posts since 9/23/2009

I don't know if he read the instructions or not, but he got a peg reamer and fitted the peg in the hole...that was probably about six or seven years ago and I've had no I'm wrong about the glue...but we didn't use any glue...just installed them like wood pegs and got a good fit. Sorry if I've said something wrong...but I'll just say we didn't use glue.

Nov 7, 2020 - 11:42:07 AM
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Originally posted by RichJ

Lots of interesting comments on this thread. Only thing I can say is I stayed away from cross tuning for many years thinking it would ruin my intonation. Since the time of Covid I stopped attending the weekly jam I went to and started experimenting with cross tunings.

In the past 8 months I've learned a few things:

2. My intonation has improved in cross because I usually have an adjacent drone string to fine tune the chord or unison note.

I noticed this immediately! 

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