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Jun 21, 2020 - 8:56:07 AM
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Guys, I'm just really extra shy and uncomfortable with myself appearing on after a lot of recent discussions here and there online and the difficulties of talkin' fiddle...I though, "Daggone, if I had a fiddle in my hand it'd be easier to discuss this n that." However, with a camera in my face I realize I'm just all bonkers and wacky, or maybe I naturally just am that way and the video lets me know about, that's certainly a possibility. Anyhow, I thought I'd give it a try...though I'vd attempted such things before and usually deleted them after I thought about it a little while...but here lately I've been putting them into my youtube playlist called "Groundhog Music School," which, by title, excuses me for not knowing one doggone thing I'm trying to discuss or tell my own thoughts about. So, after that long's my latest Groundhog Music School...homespun (truly homespun, not anything like the professionals on homespun'm actually just homespun), self-taught thoughts about where I've been on fiddle and how I got here...I could change my ways anytime if I discover anything new that works for of this moment...this is how I feel about it...clumsily told...all I could come up with.

Jun 23, 2020 - 5:11:12 PM
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This sounds good. The music is played right and you play in tune. I'll make a couple of suggestions if that's OK. It could be stronger rhythmically. Two ways to do that are to tap your foot or move in a way which reacts to the rhythm. The position of bending over the fiddle while balancing it on your knee keeps your body locked in a position. One which is maybe not so free to be rhythmic. Do you ever play standing up with a shoulder rest which allows you to hold the fiddle on your shoulder without using your hands? Also, it sounds a little "wispy". I would push the bow into the strings with the second joint of my right hand 1st finger. As a "lever" on the bow to pull the sound out of the violin, and make it sing. There's a process of applying more pressure which gives a clearer tone yet doesn't reach a distorted sound. Something to investigate. I like to make rhythm tracks with guitar and mandolin . Playing along with a hot recording in the headphones and recording only my rhythm. Jamming along with these is much more like playing with a band. In my experience, playing solo tends to make me rhythmically weak or "quirky". Something I sort of have to recover from if I want to play with a band. cheers--Joel

Jun 23, 2020 - 6:25:29 PM

11038 posts since 9/23/2009

Joel, thanks so much for listening and commenting. I'll consider your suggestions...suggestions always welcome. But, well, between being a self-taught amateur and recording on a Chromebook, using a mute so the Chromebook doesn't try to cancel out the sounds as it is so annoying about that thing, and just being so self-taught I never play standing, don't use shoulder rests or even chin rests...I think I might be beyond repair. I do have a huge interest in rhythm, though, and always lookin' for improvement there. I appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot.

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