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Playing oldtime with non-traditional guitarists. Thoughts?

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Jul 1, 2020 - 3:08:34 AM



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Originally posted by finn mcc

Well after coming to fiddle after a lifetime of playing guitar and all of the past 25 years backing fiddlers I have recently been thinking , Why in the world are the guitar players not catching on with what I thought were simple tunes. After the covid , I bought a looper to be able to lay down guitar backing for myself and discovered the mistakes I make. What a great gadget. It has increased my humility as I loop it and have to adjust to my mistakes, or take the time to try to make the guitar perfect. However my pride was that in playing guitar and backing up others I could maintain a good beat and if someone was losing it pull things back on track. I'm learning to adjust to hiccups in the timing now fiddling to my imperfect guitar playing . I'm finding the sword always seems to cut both ways. If it gets too bad I can turn off the looper and silence that damned guitarist.

Sounds interesting. What looper thing did you buy? Was it expensive?

Jul 1, 2020 - 7:10:25 AM

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Watched some youtube videos of people testing them and ordered a lekato -- got it off amazon, 60 bucks for it plus needed a power supply also. Has a bit of a learning curve but you put down anything you want and it gets me used to not playing alone which was why I got it . Kind of dislike the size of amazon but live rural and depend on it.

Jul 1, 2020 - 6:09:27 PM

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There is computer software available (inexpensive or free) that can do those. Different possibilities.

There are looper programs. On Linux, Super-looper is a popular one.

One alternative is of course just using a recording program to record back-up. Audacity would work. Play it through once and play it on infinite loop it.

For similar idea looping, many DAWs let you set a punch-in region (beats, measures or seconds); and can set as loop record over for multiple takes. 

Can also do cut and paste of different measures. Some DAWs like Cakewalk make it fairly easy to do... using samples and matrix idea. With this it's possible to rearrange segments for different chord progressions.

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Jul 10, 2020 - 6:57:49 PM
likes this

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About seven years ago I oh-so-luckily hooked up with this group of guys and we've been playing as a group ever since. The guitarist is exceptionally good, had been touring the BG circuit with his other band, and had never played "Road to Lisdoonvarna" nor "Harvest Home" nor "The Potter's Wheel," etc. Nonetheless, he dove right in--and kept his bluesy stylings going--and I gotta say it's incredible to have these different chordings and rhythms going alongside the OT and Irish stuff we play.


Jul 11, 2020 - 12:53:59 AM

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If i play Irish trad it comes out as "Greengrass". iv'e been playing some English stuff lately (Playford etc), i reckon that will turn out to be "Swinglish", when we get together again for a tune.

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