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Feb 15, 2023 - 12:37:45 PM



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Originally posted by WyoBob

I thought I'd post an update about my experiences with the Costco Signature 10 hearing aids that I bought last May.

I'm really tickled with these HA's.  The hearing test was the most comprehensive I've had in the 15 years or so that I've worn aids and the audiologist programed them perfectly.   I've used the remote support option once and the audi set up my aids so I could stream music and play my fiddle along with the tune.  Before the adjustment, I could stream music just fine but the fiddle was quite loud and brash when I played it.   I can now play along with the recordings I made of our O.T. group and everything sounds great.   I do lower the volume on the left aid when I'm fiddling along, though.   I'm listening through my aids to the the "Georgia Jays" (Turknett's group) from my computer as I type this and it sounds great.   When I'm playing downstairs, I listen to the music on my android phone and play along.  Slowing down and looping sections of a tune work much better when hearing the tune through my HA's as opposed to listening through my desktop speakers. 

The automatic program works quite well for most all conditions except playing the fiddle with a group or while listening through my phone.   I then change to the fiddle program I made and saved to my phone and then stream music from the phone and that works great.   The automatic program works quite well when I play my banjo with our O.T. group.  I haven't played the fiddle with the group to test how that works as I have a ways to go before I'd even think about playing in front of the really good (all) fiddle players in our group.

I had feedback problems with my 8 year old Resounds and that problem was solved by having custom ear molds made.   I'm using the ear buds that came with the Signature 10's and have zero feedback problems and the buds are comfortable and I've avoided the hassle and expense of having custom molds made so I'm happy about that.

I'm so impressed with the information in your posts.  Thanks! You've answered questions I didn't know to ask about....

I have Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R's. They're very similar to your hearing aids. I got them a year and a half ago.  I live in Canada.  Costco started selling hearing aids a few years ago.

My take is that the most important step is finding an audiologist or fitter that knows what they are doing. It's the setup that's important!  


Thank you for your posts!  Truly appreciated!



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