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Newbie no more but double-minded and manic as ever

Monday, June 25, 2012 @6:13:05 PM

I reckon that there ought to be a level between purty good and expert.  Now that I am comfortable with double stops and can even vibrate notes with my pinky (what - old-time fiddler vibrating notes?), I'm not a newbie no more.

Anyway, since classical music snared me for old-time fiddling, y'all forgive me for vibrating notes on slow airs and waltzes, ya hear?  Hm, classical and old time, if that's not an illustration of being double-minded, then I don't know what would be.

Maybe I can be thought of as a old-time aficionado that pretends to put on airs.  Yeah, that'll work.

Sorry for not posting any tunes for a long time - my recording contraption's on button is busted.  When I have some time I'll try to take it apart and graft in a replacement switch of sorts.


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