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Monday, April 13, 2009 @2:00:09 PM

Well, there have been many interesting topics as of late, I follow a number of them, particularly the one where SuperDave is repairing the fiddle which was in pieces.  As someone said, it has all of the stuff in it for a "made for TV" movie. Hallmark or Lifetime should look in on this.


On to the title of this one... I have finally been able to get back to doing some regular practice on my fiddle. Due to some family health issues all of my time was going to keeping the house running. Well, that has pretty much resolved, and I have been practicing regularly the last week, week and a half.  Frustrating not to have progressed, but hey when it's family watcha gonna do?

Well, I got back to where I was before I stopped, and maybe just a bit farther. It was getting fun again, and I was getting my intonation better - not perfect, but better. When I listened to myself though it just seemed to be missing ... something... that certain something of how I hear it in my head, but not in my playing. So I got out my metronome (yeah, I should have been using it all along) and started playing against it. First time, I realized how much my timing slipped in some places, and how I would be juuussttt barely behind the beat in others. Funny how all the little things add up to a sloppy performance. Second time through was better, third better still. By time I hit the tenth, I was regularly nailing the beat. Emphasizing certain beats with the bow, and lightening up with the fingerwork... more bouncy and danceable. Now that's the way I hear it in my head. When I can get the ornamentation in on it... then I'll really have something.

I guess the gist of the whole thing - and I teach the bagpipes and drill this into my students so why I didn't follow my own advice is beyond me - is to play well, a metronome is your friend, especially at the stage I am at with this instrument.

Well next time hopefully a sound file to post !


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