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My bow committed suicide... twice!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @10:24:26 PM

There I was just sawing away on some tune oblivious to the world and out of know where comes... POP!  My poor little beginner bow committed suicide.  The plug that holds the hairs in at the tip of the bow had popped out and my horse hairs were drooping all over the place. 

Well I immediately leaped into action and began the process of recuscitation.  I put down the fiddle and bow and got down on my hands and knees looking for that little itsy bitsy piece of whatever it was that held my bow hairs in place and finally found it.  A tiny piece of wood that I could barely pinch between my fingers. 

I got straight to putting it back together right then and there but had some bit of difficulty for awhile.  Finally, I got that darn thing put back together but alas, as it turns out I didn't know what I was doing.  Apparently the little itsy bitsy piece of wood is supposed to go UNDERNEATH the hairs at the tip of the bow.  Well, I put it in ON TOP of the hairs at the end of the bow.  The poor thing only lasted one more day before it up and committed suicide again and it gave up about 6 or 8 bow hairs in the process.  

The second time around I performed the surgery correctly and the patient is doing well at the moment.  I am not sure why my bow decided to commit suicide in the first place but.... it may have found out I am a banjo player.  :-)




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