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Let's Hear it for Ears!!! (Trip to Eye, EARS, Nose & Throat Doc)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @1:38:03 PM

I had an appoint with the ear doc this morning.... and I wasn't looking forward to it, both in terms of the potential for pain AND having someone poking around so near to two membranes that are VERY important to me as a musician!!!

Anyway, the doc and I hit it off right away... he's very intelligent, but also listens and evaluates my input well, without getting his doctor ego threatened.  And as you all know, I make LOTS of observations.

Last night, knowing I was especially there for wax removal, and knowing that I have akaline skin and skin secretions, and knowing that the akalinity tends to harden skin secretions like wax and oils into something VERY hard, I rinsed the right ear with diluted white vinegar.  If I did the other ear, I didn't do it as much.

Anyway, once he got down to business... yeah it hurt...  cause the wax was as if GLUED to the eardrum.  But on the second try, the wax came out of the right ear in a single lump, and he said the vinegar had probably helped.

The left ear didn't do as well- he got some wax loose, but it was much more firmly glued.  He gave me the option to come back in two weeks, and do some more vinegar rinses beforehand. So I took that option.

Results:  Before the visit, I could hear out of the left ear twice as well as with the right ear.

NOW, the right ear hears somewhere around 1/4 to 1/3 better than the left!!!

He did tests with a large tuning fork... holding it first to the skull behind the ear, and then near the ear canal.  The results were good.

Anyway, now I'm going to get the fiddle out and warm up for my afternoon gig and see how it affects my fiddling.  I'll report back soon, maybe after the gig... I'm running out of time.


wow, it's WEIRD being able to hear this well!

I think I can hear...

that it's time for some new strings on the fiddles!

Gig went okay, but the fiddle sounded kind of dead and harsh.

Maybe what I really need,,, is a new fiddle,

Well, actually what I might do is try some new strings.... and I mean NEW new strings.

Maybe Pirastro Chromcors... or maybe Lenzner Protos (I finally found a North American supplier- in Vancouver, BC!!!)


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