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It's All in the Attitude!!!

Posted by nancymae on Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello Fellow Fiddlers... I really a Fiddler now???  I have come such a long way since the hot August day when I got my father's fiddle back from the luthier.  From a learning...opening a new world...making new friends...back to frustration...more song books...more dvds...a great barking, begging me to stop...not seeing my cat...FINALLY being able to play a song that sounds like a song....finally being able to keep up with an instructional CD. 

My journey is no different than anyone else's.  I LOVE playing my fiddle...I think about playing, what I'm going to practice all day..and then when I get to take my lovely and piece of torment out of it's case...I try and make the most of my time.  Some days I can get my intonation RIGHT ON....I can keep up with the cd....I play everything PERFECT (for my level).  Other's like I have never touched a fiddle before!!! 

But..I have found out what makes that difference in my practicing...and I wonder if it's the same for any of you guys.  MY ATTITUDE!!!  If I go into my practice feeling rushed, I only have 1/2 hour to practice...I try to rush through my warm up and get to my pieces...they usually fail.  I can't get the stuff that I want...and I even forget how to play my pieces I have previously polished.  But...if I know that I have 1 hour or more to play...I do the work...I watch my posture, do my scales...warm up...and then play my songs slowly at first, or play the part I know I'm having difficulty with...slowly..surely.  Then when I am playing..even the ones I already know..they come out sounding perfect as I can get at this point in my learning...and I'm happy. 

So...if I come to a time when I can't have unlimited practice...if only a half hour...I'll spend that time...not worrying about getting everything done...just enjoying..even the scales, or a simple tune, warming up...and not worrying!!!  Emphasis on WORRY!!  and then when worry comes...frustration follows....and then it feels like a useless practice. any practice worthless? 

I finally learned something by my practice last night.  After I put my fiddle down last night, from that worthless practiced--and THOUGHT about what I was doing...I picked it up again after dinner..with a new frame of mind....I was not going to worry about how much time I had....but I knew it wasn't going to be much..I had a ton of stuff to do before bed.  So...I played my scales like I always do when I have a good amount of time...slowly...making sure of my tonation....played them soft, and then loud..and varying my's sort of fun to try to make a meaningful song out of scales.  Then I went to my first recent song I have "mastered" and it just sung!!  THEN....My husband said that I'm finally starting to .....


YIPPPEEE!!!!  It's a sweet thing to have gone from learning to hold the fiddle, to making "sounds", learning notes...playing notes...and finally MAKING MUSIC!!  Oh, I have such a long journey to go...but I'm going to stop worrying about progress, time I can play...and just ENJOY MY TIME PLAYING!!! 

My two cents for today! 






8 comments on “It's All in the Attitude!!!”

stew692 Says:
Friday, April 13, 2012 @5:47:10 PM


I am sitting here smiling while I read your post. It sounds so much like my journey too. I try to play every day, even if it's 15 minutes before work. When I'm on, it's awesome, when I'm not it's frustrated, but it keeps getting better.


fiddlerd Says:
Friday, April 13, 2012 @6:09:12 PM

Thanks for sharing your journey!! I feel the same way when I play....and like you I have come a long way. It is about's about the love of fiddle music and hearing the sound of music being released from inside you through the fiddle. After reading your story I can't wait to practice!!

stew692 Says:
Friday, April 13, 2012 @6:20:12 PM

Don't you wish we could all get together a play - that would be FUN!

nancymae Says:
Friday, April 13, 2012 @9:43:41 PM

THAT WOULD BE FUN KATHY!!! Yes, wish we could all play together..I guess the closest we can get is to play with groundhogpeggy on the virtual fiddle fest...I think I'm going to try this month...I sort of already know that least the dumbed down version of it... :-) I'm going to work on it though!! Thank you for the comments!

boxbow Says:
Saturday, April 14, 2012 @9:04:32 AM

When were you ever not a fiddler? I think the fiddling changes us, not the other way around.

nancymae Says:
Saturday, April 14, 2012 @2:55:02 PM

So true Boxbow!!!

bj Says:
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 @7:55:58 AM

You've always been a fiddler, you just didn't know it (or maybe you didn't want to admit it!)

nancymae Says:
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 @8:06:03 AM

:-) Thank you bj!!!!

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