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Musically Scattered Fiddler a.k.a. Unfocused.

Posted by Fiddlin Dixie on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok. . .fellow fiddlers. . .I've got an issue with my fiddlin.  I can't seem to focus on a certain genre of music.  I love it all too much and I'm wondering if this is my problem with fast fiddlin.  If I stay in Bluegrass, will it help me get better at those quick fast fiddle tunes?  I've had some great opportunities the past year though.  I've tapped my fiddle into Rock. . .Country. . .and just a couple weekends ago I played with a Jazz Band and we did a couple Irish tunes.  Then I go to Bluegrass Festivals and Jams.  Can't forget the awesome Folk Musician Friends that I also get to play with occassionally.  To top it off. . .my neice is having me solo violin her wedding.  Solo Symphony Violin.  It's an honor and very challenging.  Hopefully, I won't all of a sudden loose my genre and break into Jazz, Country, or (heaven forbid) bluegrass fiddlin' down to the altar.  So is it possible for a fiddler to change hats for each style of music?  Is this why I can't fiddle as fast as I want to?  What do you think? 

9 comments on “Musically Scattered Fiddler a.k.a. Unfocused.”

mudbug Says:
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 @2:05:00 PM

I think you're doing it just how you want it. Enjoy the varied opportunities you'
re getting.

Fiddlin Dixie Says:
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 @2:30:18 PM

Thanks Mudbug. . .I just wish I could fiddle faster. I just don't seem to be improving in that area.

richdissmore Says:
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 @4:39:16 PM

i like all most all of it and enjoy each peace that i learn

fiddleiphile Says:
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @5:31:48 AM

There are fast and slow tunes in any genre. I think limiting yourself to just one style would be simply put.....just boring. Play what YOU enjoy. Speed only comes from practice. I see that you have been playing for about 30 yrs. Who are you trying to out run?

Fiddlin Dixie Says:
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @5:48:48 AM

The Banjo Player ;o) lol. . .just kidding. . .thanks fiddleiphile. Sometimes I feel like I keep practicing the fast tunes and they stay medium well instead of well done. Even after 30 years on the grill.

fiddleiphile Says:
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @6:47:07 AM

I know that was a joke. Nobody wants a banjo player BEHIND them! The rest of your comment sounds just like a seasoned fiddle player to me.

bj Says:
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @7:17:04 PM

I guess the only thing I can add is this-- as long as you can honor the roots of what you're playing and sound true to it, then what does it matter? And the only warning is that there are very few fiddlers who can play without an "accent" when playing genres other than their first love. If you can play without an accent, then don't fix what isn't broken!

nancymae Says:
Thursday, March 29, 2012 @6:38:48 AM

I love alot of different styles as well. I have only been playing 1.5 I have A LONG WAY TO GO!! I agree with bj though about the accent. My first love is Irish music, so that is what I'm concentrating on...but I am also playing old time as well. Have you tried to play and rachet up your songs with a metronome?

Love your profile picture...that's priceless!!

slip-slide Says:
Thursday, March 29, 2012 @8:28:11 AM

the people i know who are really good all tell me the same thing: speed should come last. care about sounding good....listen to your intonation and the feeling of the tune and speed will happen. when you're by yourself, or sometimes even when you're not, it's more pleasing to play a little slower and sound better....rather than play fast and sloppy.

as for what you like :) that's my strategy anyway. i have kinda gone with the style that jives with what people around me are playing....because its really nice to have better players around me to play with.

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