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Rosin Your Bow: Learn how rosin works and how to apply it
Jim Burke

Buying a Bow

All Things Strings: Strings buyer's guide of contemporary violin and bow pricing.
Strings Magazine

Buyers Guide: Guidelines on what to look for when buying an instrument or accesories by Fritz Reuter and Sons, Inc.
Fritz Reuter and Sons

Choosing a Violin Bow: What fiddlers should know about bow qualities.
Elan Chalford

Fetching the Stick: The delicate art of commissioning a bow – and one or two tips on how to do it by David Templeton.
David Templeton

Guide to Student Violins: The answer to 'What sort of bow should I be looking for?'
Derek Roberts Violins

The Parts Of The Bow: Learn the parts of the fiddle bow
Jim Burke

Buying a Fiddle

About Fiddle Hardware: Fiddle hardware and fitting according to size or age.
Marc Capuano

All Things Strings: Strings buyer's guide of contemporary violin and bow pricing.
Strings Magazine

Auditioning Instruments and Bows: Eleven tips for a player or parent to buy a better violin.
Claire Givens Violins

Buyers Guide: Guidelines on what to look for when buying an instrument by Fritz Reuter and Sons, Inc.
Fritz Reuter and Son

Buying a Fiddle: A few ideas about buying a fiddle.
Elan Chalford

Guide to Student Violins: Choosing the right violin for a student, advice to help you make the right choice.
Derek Roberts Violins

How To Buy A Violin: Complete our 60 second survey and we will find you an instrument that matches your needs!
Childrens Music Workshop

How to Buy A Violin: The Violin Case provides a look at how to go about buying a violin.
Julie Tebbs

How to Select a Fiddle: Some questions you need to take into consideration.
Chris Talley Armstrong

Michael Hopkins String Pedagogy Notebook: History, care, anatomy and technique.
Michael Hopkins

Selecting Instruments, Bows and Accessories: An attempt to narrow the field down to just one or two.
Robert Cauer Violins

That First Violin: Tips on getting what you want, without hassles.
Heather K. Scott

Practice Tips

Fiddle and Violin Practice Techniques: Very helpful practice tips when learning new tunes.
Elan Chalford

Fiddle Tips: Why don't violinists sound like fiddlers?
Elan Chalford

Get A Grip On Your Fiddle Bow: Learn how and where to grip your fiddle bow
Jim Burke

Getting the Fiddler's Accent: Answers to: “How can I get a fiddly sound?”  “What's the difference between classical and fiddle?”
Beverley Conrad

Mel Bay's Fiddle Session: Leverage and Flexibility: The Keys to Good Bowing
Paul Anastasio

Mel Bay's Fiddle Session: Practice Ethics by Betse Ellis.
Betse Ellis

Pat Cloud's Advice: *Practice* is a totally different realm than *playing*
Pat Cloud

Playing the Fiddle: Roy Johnstone's continuing article on playing techniques.
Roy Johnstone

Practice Advice: Practice is a subject which should be covered in every instruction book
David Crisler

Practice Tips for Acoustic Musicians: Five daily procedures to follow.
Mickey Cochran

Tips for Improvisers: Developing tools for improvisation-American Roots Music and Jazz
John McGann

Violin Practice Exercises: Belknap Violin Practicing System with Tip of the Day.
The Violin Site

Reading Tablature

Fiddle Tablature: Traditionally, the Fiddle does not use tablature; however, there is a way to incorporate tablature in Fiddle music.
Jay Buckey

How To Read Tablature: Tablature includes one line for each string and numbers that indicate which fret to play.

Learn to Play Fiddle: Reading tablatures and associating finger placement.
Marc Capuano

Learn to Use Fiddle Tablature: Learn How to Play the Fiddle --without Reading Music.
Elan Chalford

Learning the Violin Fingerboard: How to read standard notation on the violin.
Folk of the Wood

Notes on Reading Tablature: Reading and notation techniques and their beginnings.

Reading Tabs: An introduction to tablature for 6 and 4 strings.
Bass Masta

Tablature Basics: How to Read & Understand Tablature
Mickey Cochran

Violin Tabs: Violin tabs allow musicians to improvize music while staying within the chord structure of a song.
The Violin Site


How To Tune A Fiddle: David Kaynor online video series on tuning.
David Kaynor

How To Tune a Fiddle: Video lesson series for tuning a fiddle.
David Kaynor

How to tune a hardanger fiddle: Good general tuning advice as well as hardanger fiddles.
Inna Larsen

How to Tune a Violin: Tools and instructions for tuning.
Music Basics

How to Tune A Violin: Chronological steps, including the necessary pitches and intervals.
Childrens Music Workshop

Learn How to Play Fiddle: Tuning, posture, bowing and reading tablature.
Elan Chalford

Online Violin Tuner: Use this free online violin tuner to tune up your violin.

Pedagogy Notebook: Music notation and sound for the violin.
Michael Hopkins

Playing the Violin: Wikipedia article on posture, pitch, tone and tuning.

Tune a Violin: A basic summary of the standard techniques for tuning a violin

Tune Your Fiddle: Advice on understanding strings and tuning your fiddle.
Fiddle Novice

Tune Your Violin!: Tips on tuning and open string sounds.

Tuning: Tuning basics for the violin.
Violin Online

Tuning Peg Solution: Peg Drops! A great solution to slipping wooden tuning pegs.
Janet Davis Music

Tuning the Violin: Video guide to violin tuning.
Sound Junction

Violin Training: Tuning the Fiddle: Part I
Mickey Cochran

Violin Training: Tuning the Fiddle: Part II
Mickey Cochran

Violin Tuning Methods: An easy and quick way for beginners.

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