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Instrument Maintenance/Setup

A Guide to Basic Instrument Care: Learning Basic Instrument Care For Fiddle
A Traditional Music Library

Care & Maintenance: An instrument's life span and condition is directly related to the care taken to preserve it.
Hans Johannsson

Care for Violin and Bow: Tips for cleaning violin and bow.
Putnam Violins

Instrument Care and Maintenance: Guide to proper care and maintenance of violin family instruments and bows.
The Sound Post

Parts of a Violin & Their Functions: Video series on the violin parts and functions.
David Kaynor

Parts of the Violin and Bow: Violin anatomy in detail.
Michael Hopkins

String Pedagogy Notebook: History, care, anatomy and technique.
Michael Hopkins

Taking Care of Your Violin: Some tips on how to take care of your violin.
Espie Estrella

Tips for Maintaining a Violin or Fiddle: Video lesson series for fiddle maintenance and repair.
David Kaynor

Violin and Fiddle Care: Be aware of the following points to maintain your violin in good playable condition.
West Country Violins

Violin Basics: You finally signed up for those lessons you've been wanting. What to do about an instrument?
Johnson String Instrument

Violin Parts and Care: About the violin anatomy and maintenance of violin parts.
Robert Cauer Violins

Building a Fiddle

Building and Repair: Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum: An interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument design, construction, and repair.

Varnish Secrets: Varnish secrets in violin making.
David Gusset Studio

Violin Building: Elderly Instruements presents violin building books and resources.
H S Wake

Violin Building & Repair Books: Active Musician violin building and repair books.

Violin Building and the World of Harmonic Sound: Article by 21st Century Science & Technology Magazine.
Caroline Hartmann

Violin Making: Construction, pictures and information.
Hans Johannsson

Violin Making : Series of articles shows how a violin is made in the traditional way.
Derek Roberts

Fixing Your Fiddle

Active Musician: Violin building and repair books.

Bow Rehair and Repairs: Ouchard violin bow case study.
The Sound Post

Changing Strings: Just putting on one new string or changing the whole set.  Here's how to do it.
Beverley Conrad

Luthier Resources Forum: An interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument design, construction, and repair.

Stringed Instrument Repair Forum: Practical and political issues.

Violin Repair Guide: Concise, well-illustrated manual explains basic repair and restoration procedures.
Michael Atria

Violin Top Cracks: Violin crack repair done by String Repair.
Upton Bass String Company

Setting Up Your Fiddle

Bluegrass Fiddle: Tuning, frets, hand positions and bows.
Chris Talley Armstrong

Bridge and Bow Setup: A guide to bridge placement, tuning and bow preparation.
John Hornby Skewes

Choosing the Right Strings: Types of strings, installation and information.
Johnson String Instrument

Fiddle Setup at Gianna Violins: Classical, Folk, and Fiddle Setup - the difference in sound
Stephen Perr

Guide to Student Violins: What is setting up and why is it important?
Derek Roberts

How Does a Violin Work?: The fundamentals of sound production in the violin.
Peter Van Arsdal

How to Set a Soundpost: How to set and install a soundpost.
Leif L. Luscombe

How To Setup Your Bass Fiddle: Journal-article on setting up a large string instrument.
Warren Yates

The Bow: The violin wouldn't be much without a bow.
Hans Johannsson

The Chimneys Violin Maker's Workshop: Held each spring in Tucson, Arizona taught by Master Violin Maker, Ed Campbell.
Ed Campbell

The Sound Post: The importance of soundpost setup.
Otis Tomas

Violin Acoustics: The physics of the instrument and it's parts.
University of New South Wales

Violin Bridges: The largest online photographic archive of violin, viola and cello bridges.
Mick Quinn & Gerard KilBride

You and Your Soundpost: How the position affects the tone and response of the instrument.
Peter Van Arsdal

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