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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tomaso Eberle?

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Lbv - Posted - 05/12/2022:  09:09:56

Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a violin and unable to try them out. Is anyone familiar with this brand/make? Wondering about quality and value. Thanks!

Lbv - Posted - 05/12/2022:  09:10:42


The Violin Beautiful - Posted - 05/12/2022:  10:35:26

Here’s some info on the real Eberle:

Your violin appears to be a modern violin with a fictitious label. It could be that the maker or firm that made it intended it as an Eberle copy, hence the addition of the obviously fake label, although labels are often chosen without regard to the actual model by many firms. However, there’s also the more sinister possibility that someone is trying to pass this off as a late 18th century Neapolitan violin. Let’s hope the former is the case, not the latter!

Edited by - The Violin Beautiful on 05/12/2022 10:38:02

Lbv - Posted - 05/12/2022:  13:31:27

Thank you!
I know it's not an original, it's too new! I'm just looking for a good violin, I haven't played in about 17 years and am just getting back to it :) the cost of this one is $300cad

Lbv - Posted - 05/12/2022:  13:55:36

In any case, thoughts on a copy?

KCFiddles - Posted - 05/12/2022:  18:45:13

It's just a modern Chinese violin. Label makes little difference. If it sounds OK, has a proper setup and decent strings and is in good condition, it's worth the $300. See whether you can get it sent on 3 day approval so you can have it inspected and send it back if it has problems. What do you expect for $300?

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